No whites allowed edition

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how do you say daddy in hindi?

White edition

All whites edition?

i want a NE indian gf

curry eater street shitter poo nigger little girl raper thread

पिता जी

lal salam, gorachod

>पिता जी

arey babu

Based Mallu

Yes, beta?

Is this true?

my man here looking ready to get BLEACHED


whats for breakfast or dinner

Yes hes been seething for a good while

Just ate some sevaiyan.

But why the obsession with apple?
Did he work at apple?
Did some indian girl spurn his advances because he had green bubbles or some shit?


um i was actually invited to this thread previously and now you're saying no?
indicative of the indecisive and dived nature of the indian nation

This made me sick. I hate sugar. Weird part is that i like kaju katli, and naariyal barfis a lot, but can only handle eating 2 before i get fed up.

Anglos are not wh*te

Reminder that I BEAT the Kashmiri so hard he cant eat normally for an entire month.

>curry eater street shitter poo nigger little girl raper thread

Alright who's the guy that's seething and sperging out everywhere?

North East poster. Also a Christian.

NE chink butthurt.

But why? Does the rest of India have beef with the north east or something?

He seems to be gay too . Saw him making some Sus ass comments , can't just be me that sees that one fag Pajeet rigth ?

How are you going? is Covid going to rip an absolute hole through India?

They get called chinkies by most people I guess? He keeps saying he looks nothing like us and hes very east Asian looking and white. AFAIK, we dont have special insults for them, everyone above telengana is north indian.

Self hating cuck turns out to be gay not a big surprise there.

We should move to a safe-place for us. Maybe 8ku? There's an india board.

Doesnt look like it

>8kun advert again

You and that Jinnah madarchod guy are so reliable I'll use you to set my clock

Stop shilling your board

are nepalese people related more to tibet or east india?

How do you do it? surely lockdown isn't possible for any length of time when you don't have the capacity of a welfare state?
We're spending 300 billion on extra payments and stimulus to avoid a recession

The Hijralad is back. How can anyone be more pathetic than this guy lmao hes still seething about Kashmir.

Different groups are more 'related' to different places.

Rai/Kirat -> somewhere eastern, don't know if it's east india or father. They've been here for a long time

Gurung/Sherpa/Magar -> Tibet

Newar -> Tibet + Mithila(south Nepal/north india) + west nepal . They're the most mixed out of all

Pahadi -> north-west india(uttarakhand/kumaon) + central asia + magars ( a little of tibet )

We're so muttified that we go by our national identity so it doesn't matter.
If I had to choose, for the 'mongoloid' looking people of nepal, most would be more related to Tibet than to east India