What exactly happens here?

What exactly happens here?

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my ex-gf lives there with my son who she doesn't allow me to see

Are you a schizo?

Why there of all places?

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I doubt it.
She's Mongolian. She came to Holland through an initiative of my local university to provide scholarships to medicine students from certain disadvantaged countries. We met during a pub quiz night of the medical student association and one thing led to another.

>We met during a pub quiz night of the medical student association and one thing led to another.
Why doesn't she let you see your son?

>I doubt it.
So you are just a cuck

We broke up rather...unamicably. She had a hunch I was cheating on her a few months into our relationship, which was true. It wasn't really serious from my side. One day, when I went to visit the red-light district of The Hague (I always went there because it's very obscure compared to Amsterdam), she found out because I had left my location visible on my mobile and she could see where I was on the snapchap world map. She somehow managed to find out the street I was at was a prostitute street and I didn't care enough to deny it. She started crying and that was the end of it.
A few months later, after she had returned to Mongolia a friend of mine who followed her on instagram saw she was pregnant in her pictures. Through that friend I contacted her and confirmed it was my child but she didn't want me in its life. Now I know it's a boy.

that's sad

No, it's not. He deserve it


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He deserved to get dumped but he didn't deserve not getting to see his son.

I don't think I do. I was young and I wasn't ready for a child. She had a child made out of my seed without my consent and now she doesn't allow me to be a part of his life. Seems a bit unfair on the kid. It's not me who she is screwing over, it's herself and our kid.
But I've come to terms with it. I'm just afraid I'll have to hide his existence from my potential future family.

What do other Asian countries think of Mongolia

I didn't say it was sad for him

They don't think of Mongolia.

Either schizo or boomer

And then everybody clapped

is this the sad life of a real gigachad?
wow... the memes are so different bros........

Probably a schizo because he mentioned snapchat, so this story is supposed to have happened quite recently and that's why it seems so fishy.

Best place to run away if you're a criminal. Literally no one would look for you there.

This indeed happened a few years ago. I guess I'm a schizo.

Is it even cheating if you do it with a hooker?

There's a few of them on Yas Forums, hopefully one will show up here. I don't believe the Dutch guy and even if he is telling the truth it isn't relevant.

I remember telling her it was merely a business transaction, not cheating. But yeah, of course I knew it was cheating. I just didn't really care about her that much. It was supposed to be a fling.

I've seen them a few times, mostly late at night though.

anyone else like modern mongolian history?

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Yes he did. E
He deserve also to kill himself but he'll not do it becsuse is a fucking dutch with no soul.
He really deserve this so his son can be a decent human being unlike your cuck father. I'm glad of this
>I was young and I wasn't ready for a child
So don't cum in her pussy. Do people know how reproduction works in that hellish dystopian shithole?
>She had a child made out of my seed without my consent
Next time think about your choice. You are the reason why women have advantages in our society.
If untrustworthy people like you didn't exist women doing such thing would be processed but due you and your cancer existence they are justified to doing such thing.
>I'm just afraid I'll have to hide his existence from my potential future family.
Probably and you have to carry this burden for your entire life.
You right it's sad for the kid that becsuse his shithead father he'll grow without a proper male role who care about him

Chill dood

>So don't cum in her pussy.
Are you serious? About 100% of men occassionally have sex without condoms. It's normal. Condoms are horrible and usually the women takes the pill and in emergency cases, she simply aborts the baby.

He was in the wrong but that was between him and her. The kid has nothing to do with it. Only narcissists use their children as weapons.

Lol calm down incel, just cause other dudes are getting pussy you dont have to seethe about it so hard

Even Japanese posters have better English than you do. Holy shit.

Mongolia is pretty much 1 city and she posts on Instagram with the kid. He can play the legal game if he wants or just go there. The girl seems fully capable of raising the kid. He can go to ulaanbaatar himself, hit up an embassy, set up lawsuits. But that requires actual care and not just feeling bad
Yes, everyone is capable of hitting up a hooker and ruining their relationship

No. I hate people like him.
>About 100%
>It's normal
If you suffer of premature ejaculation, if you don't just put your dick out when you haveto coom. It's wuite easy
>usually the women takes the pill
This happens only in that filthy hellhole
>she simply aborts the baby.
Yeah, abortion is just a fancy luxury so just abort it man...
God, you are a disgusting person. Honesly dutch are horrible people but you could win the first prize of awfulness

>Only narcissists use their children as weapons.
Do you mean something called 'average woman'? Probably she's worst than him to be with a shithead like him.
He gone with prostitutes lol. Do you know how prosts works?
I don't care. Americans usually can't even speak their own language so...