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My favorite anime

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tik tok is the best thing to happen since anime was created

nth for funposting

Do you hate white people?

Goodnight sweet prince :’^(

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Very important poll.

Anyone who dislikes anime is an African American and or tranny

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rest in piece kim jong un

wtf this movie I've never heard of has so many A-list actors

>Want a dog or cat
>Nearest animal shelter is 100+ miles away
How do I end my crippling loneliness?


literally every gay/tran post on Yas Forums has an anime girl attached to it

If you're not sub 5 you need to get

>According to Variety, another 'Star Wars' show, described as even more “female-centric,” is in development, and will soon be available on the Disney+ streaming service.
Disney will always hold a special place in my heart for completely ruining Soy Wars, which has always been gay

trannies love anime

>turn on NPR while driving
>black female comedy stand-up is playing
>going on a story about how she needs to do more activism
>y'all in the crowd all white, im black, my friends say im not woke enough
>I cant protest when I have allergies
>I guess if I really need to I can just yell at a random white guy
>The other day I yelled at a random white guy for standing too close to me

You calling this man a black woman?

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go out to a back alley and adopt a stray cat

come on there are no 10s on here

wish i lived in the wild west so i could shoot black women for yelling at me

>>turn on NPR

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kill yourself.

There are no stray cats here they would get eaten by coyotes

They yell because they yearn for BWC

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I find anything higher than 7 pretty questionable, honestly.

pepo passes you the boof wyd?

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Fuck you. Ep. IV-VI are fucking treasures.


you cant even smack someone around these days without getting put in prison for attempted murder let alone shoot them in an honest duel let alone shoot them in the head when they arent looking

adopt a coyote

Anime is an integral part of AGP fetish development, sorry bigot

no apu think of what your mother will say!

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I'm seeing nationalistic cartoon frogs. On weed, somehow.
I clearly need to lay down.

Used to have a cow coloured cat that would stroll around the yard. I miss him.

need to fast for a few weeks to permanently lower my blood pressure
i'm too weak

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They don't like actual good anime though like based loli anime

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hey I got agp and didn't watch any anime

Jesus, where do you live?
The middle of Alaska?

Then I can't kill it for its fur

same as this guy

A surprising portion of murders go unsolved, especially random ones. They usually just don’t report on it unless it already had a lot of publicity. What do the police do when someone vanished without a trace, and the killer doesn’t do something stupid like bring his cellphone along for the burial?

adopt a bobcat or coyote


track you with the implant shoved up your butt by the jews at birth

What got you, porn addiction?

it's a term that, i think way too broadly, refers to people unsure of their gender dysphoria


Have to cut my nails tomorrow. I look like a girl with these bad boys

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no, you lunatic

Central Nevada

why is tik tok so based

Wrong it just means anyone who is aroused by the idea of being a woman, which is basically all trannies

Shut up fatass

yeah too much porn, but even when I was young before I really used porn much at all I always wanted to be the girl so probably was just destined for it

estrogen in tap water or some shiz



A lot of murders are super creepy.
Makes you wonder who the most prolific murderer of all time is. I feel like the ones we know about are just scratching the surface.

This is correct

Gotcha, thanks.

I'd probably murder someone in this thread

Probably just some prolific organized crime hitman who methodically destroyed bodies without any trace and never got caught with his pants down

Smells like something is on fire in my area


>ywn have a cute gf
why live?

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I could absolutely see that.
I don't think anyone here is that bad.

I want to cuddle with all of you

Point of personal privilege:
These clapping for nurses events are nice and all but clapping can really hurt some people’s feelings and harm people who have autism so we should really just do jazz hands for nurses or maybe snapping. We need more peer reviewed studies to decide, as evidence-based policymakers

How do you live out there?

fucking Canadians