Why are they obsessed with europe?

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what is that black dot in the middle of the south atlantic?


this island apparently

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Europe matters the most.

the agenda of UNESCO(UN(China)) goes through making Europe's economy desindustrialized turism/services based

another cucked organization, all global south countries should boycott it

thank you

eurocentric world, wouldn't be surprised if their top officials are majorly european

western-centric organization

Then why does america have so few?

america has the worst relations with unesco out of any big country. if you don't give them money / suck up to them you won't get any designations

Alt-right faggots are gonna deny it, but it's honestly very eurocentric.

For example, here is one of Sweden's heritage sites.

It's actually because your countries pay them to bring more tourists to you.

Let's see what the UNESCO has to say about it:
>Criterion (iv): Engelsberg is an outstanding example of an influential European industrial complex of the 17th-19th centuries, with important technological remains and the associated administrative and residential buildings intact.
Wuau, so this is the power of Europe...

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what the fuck is in the fly by states? meth labs and liquor stores are UNESCO sites now?

>europe and the levant has the densenst population of UNESCO sites
its because thats where the most progression of great societies was made

those are ancient pueblo cities and the grand canyon if you are referring to the southeastern quarter

our governments are globalist puppets, they aren't Europeists, they want to dissolve it and destroy it's culture

>thats a “UNEECO World Heritage Site” but Hathor’s Temple(pic related) isn’t

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Steel mills were a breakthrough that let the modern world exist. To have a complex ironworking site from the 1600s was huge

>It was built in 1681 by Per Larsson Gyllenhöök (1645-1706) and developed into one of the world's most modern ironworks in the period 1700–1800

If you're mad because your country has only a few heritage sites compared to Europe it's either one of two possibilities:
1 - theres nothing interesting in your country
2 - the people of your country are a bunch of lazy ass faggots that can't do the simple job of demanding it from UNESCO
that said, I believe Brazil would have double the number of sites if we simply demanded it, especially considering UNESCO criteria I doubt it would be a hard thing to pull off

Because europeans and americans own this world. That's why they're so obsessed with globalisation

Because America is a very new country. You need to pretend to be partial

beautiful UNESCO heritage site in Rotterdam

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Another one in Utrecht

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to be a unesco heritage you need to put a lot of work/restoration/maintaining thats why only rich countries care it

>make buildings world heritage sites for being 'modern' architecture

this is even worse than new worlder's muh heritage meme, i'll take any rundown commie block as world heritage site over this shit