Do britishers really be like this tho?

do britishers really be like this tho?

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Why can't Americans respect foreign cultures?

It's set up like a fucking classical masterpiece.

It's a staged photo. Some Polish artist, iirc.

That makes perfect sense.

Proofs? Are you saying that britishers don't be like this tho?


I always get kind of annoyed when US media pushes this idea of the refined, elegant and educated englishman. Couldn't be further from the truth.


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yes please keep posting about britain and seething about britain

I am merely curious my britisher friend no need to feel defensive about it

We're not a monolith. Believe it or not, a country, and its people, can be many different things, all at once.

Life is just like dat innit?

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Go back to India.

not from India my Australopithecus friend

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Some are. What of it?


I am curious about your culture and way of life my britisher friend

Well you sure are a monolith of dipshits when you come here.

If you are from the U.S. (i.e. born there; regardless of ethnic background), and you use the term 'Britisher' you've clearly outed yourself as being borderline autist or at least underdeveloped socially, compared to your peers. The term is not standard in American English - on the other hand, in Indian English, it is a common colloquialism.

I like bongs but teebeeaych it's pretty fun to watch videos of them to getting beat like dogs by spanish police

Don't insult Lucy like that

I'll add that it's out of pure curiosity that I ask why you use the term 'Britisher'.

I fail to see why you're so upset over my use of the word britisher my Australopithecus friend

Why is this australisher so mad?

It's not our fault that your second-world shithole is so reliant on tourism, that you have to bend over backwards in order to cater to our subhumans.

He may be a britisher on holiday in their penal colony and is misguidedly lashing out at what he believes to be a slight

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lol i don't give a fuck about the UK I just wanted to know why you used the term.

Smelly, poo-covered Indian fingers typed this.

because britisher is the proper term to describe a britisher

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No, it is not. The Demonym for a citizen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is either British or Briton; depending on the context.

wew, whatever you say my Australopithecus friend. I just want to inform you that you are wrong and you are embarrassing yourself

>Why can't Americans respect foreign cultures?
Jewish shill detected

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worst posters

holy shit...

cool but I don't care what the slang for a britisher is in Australia, I'm talking proper engerlish

what is it my dear?

You are an enemy of the Crown.

shit attracts flies

First i bang moi drum then i bang ya mum