How Latinamerican are they (1-10)?

How Latinamerican are they (1-10)?

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LOL it's funny cus it's a picture of india!

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Goa was colonised by the Portuguese, but other than that, I can't think of anything else that they share in common with LA.

Don’t reply to Swede unless you’re a fag

They are olmec not latinx.

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Indians, especially those who are pitch lack with straight hair (dunno what percentage of India looks like that) are actually one of the few people on the planet who definitely won't pass anywhere in latam, and those who are light brown tend to have the eyebags who give them away as non-locals

brown +1
ugly +1
manlets +1
mutts +1
smelly +1
stupid +1
poor +1
irrelevant +1
overpopulated +1
dis food b too spicy for wypipo +1
seems like they fit all criteria for being latino, 10/10 pure latinos

we are not overpopulated

latin american food isn't spicy, only mexican food is

Then why do you exist?

why do we all exist?

you have a higher population density than half of these countries. Why can't some americans into facts?

Americans existing = good
5 latinos in 100000000000 square miles is overpopulated and too much

Would you doubt it if I told you that this man's name is Pajeet Sanjeet Ranjeet?

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i dont think he passes as indian

Not true, was at the San Diego border, spics thought I was one of them. (Am pale light brown and red)

>Americans existing = good
said no one ever

No, Pajeet and Sanjeet aren't even names lmao. Besides, he's too dark to be called pajeet. Nigga looks south indian kek

Indian is a collective of ethnicities, some Indians are white, some are light brown, some are black, some are fucking gray. So yeah he'd pass in india.

find me a latino with this phenotype, I'll wait and good luck

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As LatAm as the surrounding countries. Honestly, I think even China is LatAm.

>not true, I look just like them btw


>not Latin
>not in the Americas

>ooo yesh shir, do you want a chicken tandoori to go with your riksha ride?

how do you respond?

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Yeah it is a bad thing. Thankfully I am 6' 4, so spics wouldn't be able to tell anymore. The border incident occured about 4 years ago, we were on a road trip to Cancun.

The dravidian bvll

I just downloaded tiktok (don’t judge I’m just really THAT bored during this quarantine) and for some reason it’s showing me a lot of Indian tiktoks and damn Indians are weird as hell truly just a different type of culture which should be surprising if ofc but Indian just rub me the wrong way for some reason

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*shouldn’t be surprising

>Besides, he's too dark to be called pajeet. Nigga looks south indian kek

Ah yes the average north indian looks Persian ofcourse

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>Shows the street populace
Aight mate, also persians are brown as shit too