Cash in hand ONLY edition

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Wynne Godley (26 September 1926 – 13 May 2010) was an economist famous for his pessimism toward the British economy and his criticism of the British government.

Very based Austrian jump boots

here we are then... the lads

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Just don't mug yourself, /brit/ that's all, don't mug yourself

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Any gaymer in?

󠛡 󠛡

the more i think on it the more i really don't see the logic in brexit i mean you're either with europe or you're not and unless britain sprouts legs it's not going anywhere so why make it difficult to what purpose

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if you don't support the dprk, you are not a socialist

nah nah nah
see what i mean

because tying the relatively functional British government to the absolute basket cases that some european countries have is retarded

playing some cod rn

stunning act of heroism, this.


nah seriously man

>the relatively functional British government

hey girl, want to watch some torture hentai and listen to suicidal depressive black metal?


woah you're cool

a combination of a weak monarch and allowing reliance on the EU to fulfil many government functions has atrophied the British government. It's not beyond saving but Brexit is a key part of that

Whenever I see this I now suspect money laundering.

oh god yes

rate the new cop

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Just don’t wanna pay taxes simple as

can't believe arsene did this
still freaks my nut until this day

>foreigners that give up on making a 'th' sound and just made a 'd' or a 'f' sound instead

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>British government
>relatively functional

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some french ear kino
some of you might appreciate it

i reckon you should be thrown in the slammer

going to shoot yourself with it?

it is though. most countries are completely and utterly fucked. For all that edgelords like to wank on about how bad it is here we're doing well compared to so much of the world

all the tradies doing this got fucked by corona cause they can't get the max amount of stimulus from the govt

I'm licensed
suicide is pathetic

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wheres the scope haha?

>natives that give up on making a 'th' sound and just made a 'd' or a 'f' sound instead
looking at you "souf"

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Iran, Venezuela, China, Cuba, Syria, DPR Korea, Vietnam and Laos are the good guys.

compare yourselves to the rest of the world, even some of your contemporaries in Europe, and you're doing genuinely very well
Albeit trying to get Brexit done did put a big dent on that

Alexa, what is "Laos"?

ugh, that's one of her worst
now that youtube.com/watch?v=AzaTyxMduH4
is peak Céline