Do they?

do they?

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Why are asians so hard to bleach?

Wtf, surely they don't marry kids in Burgerland? And polygami too?

It happens all the time in Utah, kids often come in a 2 for 1 special.

>gee I wonder why hapas are so mentally unstable

All these posts must come from people who married very dark women, most hapas I've met IRL are very pale.

they're as genetically distant from snow coons as most Africans

>Chad turns into soiboi
This is your brain on yellow fever

Only 180? He looks 220 at best

he's like 5'4. his wife is 4'11.

that does not look like 145 and does not look like 180. this guy's is definitely at least over 200
>t.140lb twink who is way skinnier than the guy in his early pic

Meaning Euro/Non east asian features. Color is different entirely.

How does someone turns chad to soy this easy

there's no such thing as bleaching, if you have sex with an asian or black women, the kids will take after her.

He looks happy.

darker asians are uironically easier to to bleach, dark asian quapas are usually european looking.
you almost can't spot 25% indo creatura in netherland unless you are native dutch yourself.

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white genes are beta

apologies, are these dutchmen or asians?

And now his son is destined to be an asian mega manlet

the woman is half-dutch , the baby looks more european than her full german dad.

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White doesn't mean just pale

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This faggots are just as bad as the Coalburners, how are they called? Ricefarmers?

Tolerant of what?
Just because i'm tolerant to alcohol doesn't mean I should drink myself silly.

Almost all happas look obviously bleached. It makes me think this dude is raising someone else's kid.

He is a cultureless freak. Don't be harsh on him.

You are a yellow fever faggot or a hapa

It's ok he passes as chink

based and mutt pilled

>totally bleaching bro

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