How do we stop mexican bulls flushing away their beautiful genes?

how do we stop mexican bulls flushing away their beautiful genes?

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i wouldn't have thought that was a mexican until you pointed it out

mexican and british genes, actually the worst combo

I want a korean gf so bad

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He looks white


Is Brad paisley, Jason Aldean, and Anthony cumia are white then so is he

he looks nothing like a mexican

only in america, in latam he's a mestizo

Cut down the tall tree

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He doesn’t look white in Mexico and definitely not here

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Memes aside, I see white people with his exact face, just not brown, daily

boomer phenotype

the state of u.s.

>mfw this passes as white in America now

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those people listed arent white to me, because they look like mexican/indian with pale skin.

I dont even consider slavic or mongolian people white, just bc they have generally pale skin.

Is that a brown median?

Look like a German with a tiny tan

I am an American of Mexican descent and I have been trying to come to terms with the fact that I will most likely end up with a white woman.

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Ya para de postear kiko

Vete al gym guey, pinche cacheton, no mames kek

outstanding post

olmec scum


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Holy shit, it's like they're not even the same species.

>tfw you realize mexican niggers are mainly USA posters

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Not Mexican

wait, how on earth do you have more affinity with some south american regions than with Mexico itself?

It takes skill for a mexican guy to snatch up a decent white chick. So guy in pic is alpha.