I hate japan

I hate japan.

Do u also hate japan?

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I hate anime

yes like you wouldn't belive, paedophilia has increased because of them

i like japan.
I am taking japanese language classes right now through my university, I want to be able to watch unsubbed anime and go to japan ride the bullet train!

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I hate weeabos even though I'm one myself

I hate Russia


What makes columbian hate japan?

japanese too dificult to learn and anime is poorly written

No one hates Japan.

it's not that hard except the endless kanji hell

Are there even real Japanese here
Aren't all of them proxies?

japan is not only anime...

So do you like Japan?

more like I would love to work in the anime industry, but I don't worship japan

If you work for Japanese company, you gotta love Japan.

Not sure, I'm not longer a weeb, I would love to work as a writer in the anime industry, but about colombian stories in anime.

i do

I hate this hell

Give us a line of cocaine

You love Japan.
Just admit it.

you're literally third world

Just why not admit you are a little brown weeb.

I don't worship japan.

I don't hate Japan. Should I?

If you aren't able to worship Japan, then DON'T ever come to, you got it?

I want to work as a writer, don't think I need to travel to japan to write.


it's time to go back to the office, don't get your boss mad

but I'm a neet beside japan is the midst of holiday week

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no, i don't hate japan. I hate japan posters who acting cutesy and post satania in every post

I wish I could go back to my ancestral homeland (Japan) and ban otaku anime, ban lolis and BAN NIGGERS!

well, what else is there my friendly david-kun?