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I am the first



Do you believe in anything weird
You seem like a cryptid guy

vance posts

I believe that physical phenomena reflect the human soul.

reminder that southerns lost the war

You mean like spiritual patterns manifesting in the literal realm or that having an unhealthy soul makes your body unhealthy

i believe in you

The former, more or less. Physical reality is altered in subtle ways.

I am not weird
I'm cool

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you are a cryptid from the prairies


do the prairies have fairies (real, not homo)


I am bisexual

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fake fairy

bought a pizza and regret it lads

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This pizza looks like it was made by a cryptid looooooooollllllll


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it's deep dish, but ya it's pretty mediocre

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that ain't a pizza boy that's a casserole

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evening lads
fuck the union

great post

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>silt striders?
>nah bro those giant flea things creep me out
>i thought up a faster way to travel meet me outside seyda neen and i'll show you

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