Work to live, don't live to work.

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the gf(pictured)

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what's the /brit/ discord then lads

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women don't know how to take a compliment anymore

my next pick up line


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One of those lads that could be a loner or a part of a group of lads, could go either way


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hello mate. *waves at /brit/*

You need a catfish noodlin Alabama girl

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>tanned chebs

*knocks you over*

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󠛡 󠛡

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what were your most valuable sales? i don't have anything incredibly old but i do have a few gamecube games i reckon i could get a bit for. was going to flog a lot of old warhammer but sadly someone threw it away. that was about 500 quid down the drain

Hello lad
Think I might get out of bed in a moment

wish i was born in kentucky
southern but in the north basically

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washing down prescription drugs with alcohol "do not drink alcohol with this medication"berg is seething

how do you plan on using that before shagging

it’s nearly 2am bruce hahaha

>old warhammer


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For me it’s st Michael slaying the devil

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I want to pull my teeth out with the side of a hammer which you use to remove nails, been thinking about it a lot

corrrr phwoaar crikeyy need to splooge inside that and pozz her and the baby

This pandemic has made me realize how pointless it all is. Whats the point of trying to find a woman when they've shown their true colors so audaciously. All I see is ass and tits. Give me money. Give me attention. I need validation.

I'm living for me now. Fuck them all. This is coming from a conventionally attractive male too. I'm done. They don't deserve respect.

forgot i was in a video call with the gf, ive just picked my nose(on camera)

she hasnt said anything, but im sure she now thinks less of me.

but everyone knows the mob made Hoffa disappear. or do you mean how sudden it was?

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>Whats the point of trying to find a woman when they've shown their true colors so audaciously. All I see is ass and tits. Give me money. Give me attention. I need validation.
this is because you're not living in real life
you're living in an online bubble

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i know that teeth rot feel bro

rather be a virge than shag my own niece you freak

i want to shag a pregnant woman tbqhwyl

as long as you didn't eat the boogers you're fine

10.43 AEST

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literally no one lives in longford
why does it exist?

Kin Jung Un as a young lad

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playing wow classic

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How sudden it was and how there wasnt any theatrics involved with his murder. Just straight to the point shoot him in the back. Surprised me honestly i liked that part. It wasn’t worth waiting 2 hours for

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gonna do a sporcle quiz on irish counties right now

i did.

then he discovered swiss cheese
fat cunt runt

The most was my copy of Persona 3 fes which sold for £90, most of the other stuff which I brought from places like CEX for >£5 went from £10-20. Of course some stuff went for 99p and that but ya know it’s all money and they pay for the postage. Plus getting rid of the stuff from my room which I’ve essentially been hoarding for years feels really good, makes my dick hard

wish i was gen x

crazy stuff lol!

First time I've ever looked at this properly, there's a cuck story and virgin/chad bit too.

The 'casts

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This is what the technocrat calls progress.

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Don't want to be that lad lads but i'm afraid I'm somewhat in love with Luanne Platter.

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whats the website

saved, very nice.
>then he discovered swiss cheese

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>No Stories of our times

Surely even a fat girl would look at the magazine cover and think it’s unhealthy as well as disgusting. Unless it’s like a fetish thing

no it certainly fucking wasn't could have cut out about 10 scenes of people warning Hoffa and cut out an hour. the slow mo wedding made me rage as well. by that point it was 2 hours in and i was just wondering whats the fucking point?

Hahs cunts 29 but looks 45

this is why I have my soy beard
people don't realise how much worse it is without

God's way of showing a man is supposed to have a beard.

are albanians/armenians/chechens etc white anyway in the grand scheme of things?

their birds certainly are

Better not, already too many here

here's a comfy pic for dutchlad

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i loved that summer

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suburbs when connected to a local centre is ideal

when it's just residential it's the worst place imaginable

Is it any good? I heard an advert for it

I used to listen to times red box but they started having that woman on with a reall bad speech impediment and I couldn't be arsed with it

not sure why you included albanians there
but yes

>that arm
what the fuck

Anyone else day dreaming about fleeing to the third world where they won't be able to "suppress" the epidemic with open ended lockdowns and social distancing until a vaccine is found? Not much money but there would be life

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>I’m starting to feel that lust for power is nothing more than a substitute for seeking love.
I'm fucking certain that this is true mate.

> I’m tempted to just bin postgrad options entirely until I actually feel more like a man and less like a boy.
Aye, I'm feeling like I might need to do something similar to this. 24 and don't finish my part-time masters (which work are paying for until June 2021).

After that I think I'm just going to start from a clean state. Maybe just travel until I either work out what I want to do, or until I've become a fully-formed bloke who's ditched all his boyish insecurities. 'Ready for real life' so to speak

Where's the fucking baccy pouches

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What am I supposed to be looking at on the table


when ever i shagged a porker during my fuccboi days they'd lit start thinking they could relationship me up

womyn think weird

how tf they thought they were my level

he doesnt look bad without it. at least he has a chin


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c o m f y

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heavy drinker and smoker
gorged himself

he suffered the early death all fat bastards deserve

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thanks friend, I love this stuff.

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