This is what truly unites latin america

this is what truly unites latin america

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only boomers watch this shit


I was born in 93 and watched this religiously growing up so STFU

ay dios mio

kek this

I hated the shit of it

What am I looking at

i'm 18

the definition of soul

I have always wanted to watch prof Girafales’ enormous cock penetrate Niña florinda’s tight butthole

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i wanna fuck chilindrina/chiquinha so bad bros


Why do you use "zoomer" as an insult if you wish you were young again, old man?

Any porn spinoffs of this?

second from the right looks like he is an american of mexican descent

my entire family hates this show, they are all mexican from mexico city

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que bruto ponganle cero

Boomer is an American thing. El Chavo is timeless.

are really brazilians the biggest fans of el chavo? I remember browsing through every channel in your tv network back in school trips and you always had el chavo on.

if this episode didn't give you the feels you have no soul

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Half of their fucking memes are captures of Seu Madruga


A quien se le chispoteo?

For me, it's Don Ramón, a true working class hero

The only channel which still having it on its programing is SBT because the jrw who owns it is a Massive fan of el chavo

They show this on the Spanish channels here, and I used to watch it when I was a kid.


Only in your country maybe, because here everyone watches or watched it at least once in their lives, including zoomers. Chaves is a big part of our culture.

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get a load of this guy