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what is the gist of this meme?

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For translations go to
>comparing political parties

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making fun of people with different political opinions.


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It lacks any punch.
>at least it's not むっつりスケベ共

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>It lacks any punch.
It's thematic for the op.

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Why though, not like anybody will talk until tomorrow~

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I feel responsible for making a thread so late so I'll bump until I go to sleep.

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Let's go to sleep :)

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I'm running a simulation right now and double checking numbers.

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"yesterday I waited at school for my friend for 1 hour":
"kino gakko de tomodachi o ichijikan machimashita"

Is this correct? Does the 1-jikan go after the wo particle? but before the verb?

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But yes I think so
>why write so much in kana?

>or maybe you have to use ていた?
No clue~~

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because i don't know much kanji and would rather just write in kana and not have to worry about spelling mistakes

>I just noticed what picture I replied to

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just checked out the /jp/ djt, wtf?

>tfw the trip friends come visit us here

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Since it seems like the thread might survive:
Could anybody please answer ?

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>Is that supposed to mean 三次元ではなく二次元だ?


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you mean "上がった?"
>or are you the god of sun who administers the solar motion?

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Thank you
Still not quite sure what exactly the difference between 上る, 上げる, 上がる and 上せる is
>or are you the god of sun who administers the solar motion?
We can also go with that

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So I go into Anki's first deck with numbers and see there are two kanji for each number and it makes it seem like one refers to the number itself and the other to the number of (things). Weird but okay. Then I see there are 3 kanji for 4 and shit myself, go into wikipedia and it says that these are just two reading of the same number.

What the fuck>?

Should I read up on grammar first before doing this shit?

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did you finish hiragana, vladimir?


what's the opposite of になる?


I know ~1000 kanji and I know only one reading for most numbers

三 参

>one reading
one kanji