Are white people really racist against Pakistanis?

I visit their countries and no one says anything. Are they just afraid to speak?

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Nah we're bros. All we know about you guys is that you make nice carpets.


>tfw brown people

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Paki are white unironically

Jokes aside, we don't really talk to strangers here. It's awkward.

Black guy here, what does this face mean

it means 'go back to you bloody afrika/chinkdom/stanstan"

Wtf you really don't know?

It means "this is awkward"

Found the paki subhuman invader.

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In the UK Pakis are treated better than Poles and Lithuanians.

Pakis are the most subhuman tribe in the UK.

Maybe you should take better care of your girls and have a male guardian accompany them when they go outside.

We can't make that face

Maybe this is the key to white success? You brownies should try it out.

wtf how can you not be able to do that face


It’s just banter. Here we do the same type of face. But americans like to attribute everything to a certain race

The UK is a high-trust society and the people from the places unfortunate enough to suffer a Paki infestation naively believed in the left-wing Jewish bollocks about racial equality so assumed that these newcomers would be normal, many have learned their lesson now and actively tell their daughters to avoid pakis.

Big lips

Well you guys are Muslim Indians why wouldn't we be racist against you?

>But americans like to attribute everything to a certain race

>Big lips

How do you think racism works? You're just gonna get called a paki constantly or something?

You people not taking care of your children is your fault and the fault of the rapists in question. Not the average hardworking intelligent Pakistani laborer.

it's so cringe when east asians pretend that they get treated like blacks. no one makes that face at them ever.

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The pakis in the UK are completely useless, in some cases they perform worse than blacks in socioeconomic measures.
As I said before, the UK wasn't used to the plague of pakis and so assumed that their daughters wouldn't be taken by force and injected with heroin so the pakis could hang rape them. Of course we have learned our lesson now.

Honestly I've never made that facertainly before so idk

I've never met a pakistani. I guess they aren't common here.

Depends what you mean. The government treats the pakis better, but the average person treats the Eastern Euros better.

Pakistanis are highly intelligent and capable. If they weren't why does your government keep calling us?

I bet you miss the days where the only immigrants were Filipinos. Jose the construction worker and Maria the maid dont look as bad now huh.

>I visit their countries and no one says anything. Are they just afraid to speak?
i'm pretty sure their are just afraid of you going full allah uakbar and exploding for literally no reason

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Yes. Cumskins are the enemy and need to be wiped out.

Based Ivan

So do we work harder and complain less than Britishers or the opposite?

This is true
Pakis diddle kids 24/7 and the government just covers it, that shit wouldn't pass if a pole tried it
Even here on int you can see bongs complaining about polack criminals but never about pakis or ngubus

Our government doesn't really care about the native people and is hell bent on destroying us. Most pakis here come via family reunion. The women pump out 5 kids, some of these kids get married locally, some go back to Pakistan to marry and then bring the spouse back to the UK.
Pakistanis are one of the least intelligent groups in the UK, most of them live on welfare.

Ironically the average brit retard who hates unions also hates pakis kek

That's seems counterproductive and unlikely. I think you should have sex.

I'm Afghan Alhamdulillah and nobody ever talked shit about me in real life and I pretty much went to all European countries. Worst I've gotten was a bunch of drunk Swedes telling me "bro afghans in sweden rape so much, but they look chinese and are tiny, you're cool bro" or something along those linss

The only complaints I've heard about Poles is that they undercut wages of labourers and send the money back home. Brexit was all about pakis and blacks. I know the EU had nothing to do with them but that is what people thought.

10 bongs unite easily than 4 bongs, 2 paks, 2 poles, 1 nig, 1 chink,
So corps lobby migrants so they prevent unions and consoooom sim-cards, credit cards etc

Why would Brexit stop immigration from Pakistan? Wouldn't it increase it?

Do you honestly think people that made a society like pic related could add anything to the UK?

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>Pakistanis are highly intelligent and capable
but instead of making scientists and engineers, they study how apply charia "law" and make human bombs.
You know guys, you wonder why people want you to go outside of their country : that's exactly why.
Stop being butthurt about every fucking thing, like a woman who show ankle, and start following the whole world.
Just be civilised people.
That's NOT a lot to ask.
Just fuckin do it and yeah, people will start to think you are actual human beings.

The Jews promote this nonsense so that something like the Hitler anti-banker chimpout doesn't ever happen again.

They don't import people from the slums. Those people can't even speak English. Hijab isn't even compulsory here.

I find that so strange. Poor people in Europe lived in better houses hundreds of years ago than these guys do today.

Outspoken internet racists and irl ones don’t overlap. The latter is pretty rare in cities. You’d have to go out of your way to bump into them which is exactly the point

These are slums for the ultra ultra poor far below the poverty line. These are constructed in the outskirts of big cities. Actual villages look different.

This is not always true
For example Ukraine and Philippines are dirt poor but their migrants are very hard working and don't cause trouble

That what the retards who voted for it were made to believe via innuendo and dog whistles. The migrant crisis was happening at the time, and mass immigration of coloured people really started getting intense after we joined the EU (although the two were not related) so people somehow got the idea that the EU was to blame.

tbqh if anyone talked shit to me in real life i would probably call like 30 other Afghans and jump the guy, rob him and rape him afterwards

When will you be deporting them then?

According to Richard Lynn, who compiled estimates of national IQs, Pakistan has an average IQ of 84 which places it in the 16th percentile of European IQ, the average Pakistani is less intelligent than 84% of Whites.

>"bro afghans in sweden rape so much"
Sadly we don't keep statistics due to this country turning to shit.
But, just look at the numbers for our neighbouring country Finland. Afghanisreally do rape a lot and everyone here knows it. My younger cousin was followed on her way to school by a muslim "refugee" who wanted "to give her a kiss".

I know an Afghan guy who's hard working and good etc. But honestly, looking at the statistics, of course people are gonna make this conclusion. They're not stupid.

In any other country you would probably had been lynched

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Okay I'm sleeping now. Everyone in this thread have sex. Except Afghanbro.

yeah i know we do, thats just our culture

That's because of the vast amounts of uneducated people. The IQ of the Pakistanis who come to your country is much higher.

>i would probably call like 30 other Afghans and jump the guy, rob him and rape him afterwards
that's exactly why people hate you guys
you can't integrate in the civilised world, you just react by insticnt and agressivity, like boring animals
just saying

Doubt this will happen, maybe the country will split up when it becomes apparent these shitskins are not like us.
Enoch Powell had the right idea, just pay them money to leave. We could pay each one of then £50,000 to leave and at the same time stop all immigration. It would save us money in the long run.

>Maybe you should take better care of your girls and have a male guardian accompany them when they go outside
its a different society that works when there isn't a completely different culture setting different cultural norms. It is idiotic to demand them to change their entire society because you guys love rape so much.

Nobody wants to speak with you but they feel rude not acknowledging so they feel like they have to do SOMETHING so that’s what comes out

heh stop lying, hazaras aren’t as monkey retarded as pashtuns who literally rape, steal, kill in any country, even their own.


Also, swedes rape too.

Yes I genuinely and unironically hate you, your culture, everything about you down to how you smell