What happens in the Brazilian state of Amapá?

What happens in the Brazilian state of Amapá?

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poo in river


Rightfull brazilian territory

never heard about it, are you sure this is in brazil?


Marabaixo and Bumba-meu-Boi

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I heard there's violent gaymen in the north and they actually threaten you if you don't fall in their gay games.
I'm not kidding.

chapada dos guimarães é aqui do lado da minha cidade, no mato grosso

Nada Zero Nothing Void NULL NA

Literally nothing and Venezuelan refugees.

Why are the pretty forested areas so shitty in brazil? What's the matter brozillians?

Everytime we tried to develop the place the rest of the world cries that we're destroying the amazon.

The Atlantic rainforest is pretty qt and is the most developed part of the country (south/southeast seaside).

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>brazil has scenery like this
So many amazing places in dangerous hellholes. Theres incredible forests and mountains in iran, cool as fuck plains in tibet and mongolia, giant fucking canyons in the US. All needing to risk your life to see them

Iran isn't even that dangerous

>Iran and Brazil

lmfao fag

Oh no so dangerous, a tourist homicide rate lower than most euro countries.

You have bigger and more aggressive spiders than the aussies

Those amazing scenarios aren't the dangerous ones faggot

Big spiders are not a problem. The problem are the small deadly ones that hide inside your shoes (pic related).

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Indians...but they're not very big...

That's not Brazil, fatto.

How much Caribbean influence does the north coast of Brazil have? Suriname and the Guyanas are basically Caribbean countries despite being east of the Antilles.

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At the point where it was seen as cool to burn your forests the Amazon forest murdered a lot of people, so it wasn't really an easy job.

From Pernambuco here.


Probably nice desu

Never heard of it. Is it a fictional state like Acre?