Based American

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Seems like bait to me

Abandon traditional architecture and wind up with shit like this in your city

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there is nothing the mongrels hate more than purity

Did edmonton really even have much significant early 20th century architecture in the downtown core?

how many upvotes did he get?

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>noooo, not my heckin tax drainerinos and safety hazards

why is it that in 2020 atheist Europe doesn’t allow developers to build higher than heritage churches


l think that's only a thing in a few cities most places dotn care

You know, I thought this was bait at first, but then I remembered that my fellow Americans are literally drinking bleach.

boomers enact protected sight laws to limit the amount of new buildings that can be built and to ensure that their houses, sorry, investments will see a return

Europe is clinging on to shit
But they are poor af as well

Everything in the picture is so goddamn ugly

This sounds like something someone from Vancouver would post


Because they live in a city full of ugly steel and glass skyscrapers

People always rag on Vancouver for the glass boxes but 90% of people living here don't live downtown. We have the nicest walkable neighborhoods in Canada, the architecture isn't sublime but the city planning is leagues better than almost anywhere in Canada outside of Quebec

The fact that it makes amerimutts seethe is enough to keep european cultural history around.

Build cheap. Ask China.
Architecture is useless shit.

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cursed post

Just start to think.

This what happens when anglo gets his way

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That's rich

reddit really gets all the hate it deserves

>unpopular opinion
Redditors are absolutely fucking retarded. How are you supposed to do an unpopular opinion game on a website based around the most popular opinion? It's impossible

it's like that in my home city, and it is a good thing.
I don't want some shitty office to be higher than St. Mary's

Where I live, Montreal, buildings aren't allowed to be higher than the hill in the middle of the city as to not ruin the skyline. There is only one building that breaks this rule, this one.

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Are architects forced to do this as a way of psychologically breaking down the goyim or do they really just lack any aesthetic sense?

Cheap buildings are useless shit not meant to be lived in, those who must simply die. Even the chink-made buildings here are falling apart and uninhabited.

Back in the day where the old builderinos were new builderinos you probably had people complaining about them and how 'new' architecture was shit. contrarians gonna contrarian