How Americanized is your culture?

How Americanized is your culture?

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Not at all.
American TV shows and fast food joints are everywhere naturally, but that hardly undermines the values and conceptions that give the Finnish culture its distinctiveness. It's more like we all share a common modern, western culture whose variants both Finnish and American cultures are. The latter is a more dominant variant but poses no risk of replacing or fundamentally changing the former.

Spain is a moderately big country by itself, but the hispanosphere is massive, so we don't need your scrawny anglo asses

It's a different world out in the sticks, I'll tell you that much. 75% of the population is staunchly Catholic nowadays and I don't think that's very American.

yes, very.

we crave bbc now, and anything finnish is viewed as gringy.

we're so Americanized we know more about US than most Americans do

Horribly so, I weep for my country.


Our youth talk in a weird American-Irish warped accent so it’s pretty bad


Getting more and more everyday

Too much especially among youth

It’s so Americanized that I don’t even think we are an Americanized country. You catch my drift?

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Kind of, Australia and America has a lot a similarities to begin with but there has been a lot of influence in the Australian media as our film industry is barley holding on. There is a fairly larsge group among the youth (mostly anglo-celts) who are eager to learn Australian history and support Australian musicans

not too bad, but getting worse.
only southern WASPs are fully Americanized

>calling english "irish"
unironic cope

I know more about individual American politicians than I do for individual European politicians, because the USA is in a perpetual state of elections.

He was talking about the accent, not the language.


At restaurants they call chips “fries” now

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Mid to low tier I'd say we are no foreign to pop culture but we keep most of the "traditions" that originally came from the different types of immigrants, what worries me is the youth imitating Central America or even worse I've seen kids imitating Spanish YouTubers the autistic type tends to speak half Spanish half English and basically just insert words like "cringe" on the middle of a Spanish sentence but that's a minority.

big??? compared to what? a city?


Not as much as you'd think.

Just finished watching Mad Max fury road again what a fucking great movie


anyone in western europe who says their culture isn't americanized is just coping.

>moderately big
that's adorable

Those are just kids just try to sound cool. They grow out of it or they get ran over by a bus

We're one big happy family!

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