What would you do if you banged his sister and became ruler of north korea?

What would you do if you banged his sister and became ruler of north korea?

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Nuke Tokyo.

Nuke Osaka.

Nuke Nagoya

Nuke Yokohama

>not sk or usa

Nuke Kyoto

they can only nuke the west coast. why would you hit the only good side of USA?

they can hit whatever china can hit

Nuke Hiroshima again.

I would become a vassal of Slovenia

Worst Korea is for reunification, not for brother wars.
USA, of course, is next on the nuking list.

sk and nk are not brothers retard

>sk and nk are not brothers retard

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its asian e/w berlin are you stupid?

Install a dead hand system that will automatically obliterate south korea and japan if US strikes you

No question. Nuke Washinton DC.

t. used to live there

Lmao they will never nuke us.
Their main ideology is to free all the poor South Koreans from dirty American Imperialists and unifying Korea.
Their main enemy is Americans not South Koreans.

bang his sister again

lmao i thought it was danny devito from the thumbnail

>dude there's a wall how can they be brothers are you stupid ?

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You're our proxy though. Until they get rid of you and implement their own proxy state, you're the buffer.

this. i'd keep at it until her pussy is wrecked from all the fucking, cumming and childbirthing.

Unite the koreas against China

whats your point?

>liberate the south koreans from the US
>fail to recognise that cults control south korea
>import cultists into NK unintentionally
>unified korea is a dark theocracy

This feels like a poor decision

cringe french-korean

Nuke Beijing

>West coast of the US

Bang her often.
And open trades with countries like Brazil. "Small" countries.

Establish equitable new east asia Coprosperity sphere

nk and sk are definitely brothers you fucking retard

t korean.