BTFOs every invading force ever

>BTFOs every invading force ever
Is there a more chad country?

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Vietnam actually did it
Afghanistan is just too much of a pain in the ass to occupy

>Is there a more chad country

>Is there a more chad country?

>Is there a more chad country?

Imagine if Vietnam and Afghanistan teamed up

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they are the cumdumpster of empires. they were demolished by the persians multiple times, the greeks, the mongols utterly BTFO'd them, even the hindus got them a couple of times

Subdued by Persian Muslim

Conquered by Ming China

>Subdued by Persian Muslim

The earliest muslim dynasties in the region were from afghanistan themselves, see:

I like Afghanistan but the Taliban occupied 90% of the land (of the Islamic State of Afghanistan (1992-2001)) and captured Kabul. This resulted in the Taliban declaring the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (not recognised as the de-jure government, however, did gather some international recognition). The Northern Alliance (i.e. the successors of the internationally recognised government - the Islamic State of Afghanistan) was only able to eject the majority Taliban occupation with assistance from the United States and its allies.

I'm not sure I would call that BTFOing an invading force. Even now, the Taliban manages to still occupy parts of the country.

They did fight well against the Russians/Soviets and in other cases of history, though.

>BTFOs every invading force ever
You don't know a lot about the history of Central Asia.


you realize 1/3 of afghanistan are sunni tajik/persians right


That’s like saying it’s okay Afghanistan was conquered by mongols because afghan hazaras exist
Besides Tajiks are chads and Tajikistan is based it’s the Pashtuns who say the never been conquered shit lol

That's why they're conquered dumdum

Hulegu, Timur, Babur, Ismail, Nader Shah, Afghanistan was conquered many times

In all those cases, Afghanistan was part of a larger empire so when that empire got BTFO'd, naturally Afghanistan would get conquered

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btw the twitter account who made this is a faggot, but its a nice list

i also dont know why he included chadiban


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>BTFOs every invading force ever
Then why are you Muslim? Oh, lemme guess. Your ancestors sat around a table with the invading Arabs and after a lot of heated (but respectful) debate and discussion, they convinced them of the virtues of Allah and Mo, at which point they immediately abandoned Buddhism and started praying towards Mecca.

t. seething pajeetoid

>assumes op is a Muslim and launches into a bizarre irrelevant personal attack
/new/ was a mistake.

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timurids (mongols)

There's a reason 10% of their population is literally persian speaking mongol rape babies (hazaras)

yes, Iraq

Because they themselves are conquered people kek

and yet, you couldn't