At least a female has masturbated thinking about (you) once

At least a female has masturbated thinking about (you) once

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Sounds like bullshit, but I'm sure it happened at least once.

You are cruel.

She was probably 2/10 tho

And other hilarious jokes you can tell yourself

>At least a female has masturbated thinking about (you) once
No way that this is actually true. At least not any girl that I would find remotely attractive.

Women usually don't think about men while masturbating.

I know this for a fact.
t. teacher

I know at least three girls IRL have and a bunch of women online have. Feels flattering


It's more likely that a guy found me attractive and shoved a cucumber up his ass than for a woman to have even looked at me twice.

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I know one girl who actually has but it was an obese creepy hairy gross self proclaimed "otaku" fujoshit.

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Yeah, several that I know of. It's weird

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How do you know that if you're not a woman?

I know, I was on the phone with her

No way fag, the only female interaction I get outside of Direct family is the disgusted looks any women give me as they pass by

I doubt it

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This, unfortunately.

I don't doubt but I rejected her and now regret about it.

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That's rape.

100% false

>women who masturbate have psychological issues
How true is this?

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>sister masturbated in the same room with me when she thought I was asleep and was sexting with her bf

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Anyone who chronically masturbates has issues desu. Men included.

T. Chronic masturbator

Should've waited until she finished and called her a whore before going back to sleep

That's true, I'm asking about women who don't masturbate excessively.

yes, and she told me

That’s normal user, they just don’t talk about it as much

Should have fucked her

no such thing as chronic masturbation. It's the most natural thing in the world
t. coomer

no woman has ever thought about me

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