Do Brits feel closer to the US or EU?

Do Brits feel closer to the US or EU?

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eu if you phrase it as europe but closer to ex-commonwealth still, we do have some people absolutely obsessed over the yanks though

Britain is culturally and ethnically French.

Neither for the vast majority, you get the crank weirdos who really love the US or really love the EU.

my colony

Right-wing: the USA
Left-wing: EU

Neither, tbqhwy. Australia and New Zealand are probably the countries we have the most affinity towards. Even Canada feels really foreign.

Honestly neither. We get off on feeling alone.

but both are gay

Neither. But if you put a gun to our heads, we'd probably say the US, just because they speak English.

Did Brits ever feel the EU as being theirs or something they belonged to or was it always perceived as something foreign?

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actually good and interesting question

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Brits aren't fundamentally different from Americans they just seethe massively because we made them our vassal.

It's the stuff of nightmares for the average brit poster on Yas Forums

EU has always been seen as a foreign institution here. Even the name implies it, since most people don’t consider themselves as European here, even many who support the EU. Something that undermines Britain, rather than something Britain is a part of

the eu not so much, plenty of boomers keep telling me that it was better when it was a trading bloc but that probably has more to do with it being mostly northwestern europe
I voted remain and I'm not entirely convinced by the eu but the alternative is that a bunch of corporate cucks are going to want to turn us into a tax haven military base of america

>most people don’t consider themselves as European here
sometimes, even English people can surpass Americans in stupidity (apparently)

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>always perceived as something foreign
Pretty much this for the vast majority of us. Before the Brexit vote, nobody in this country had any particularly strong feelings towards the EU. It was just this random club that we happened to belong to. Daily Mail/Daily Express """""journalists""""" regularly used the EU as a scapegoat and were somewhat successful in convincing their retarded readership, that Brussels was the root of all of our problems. But even those people only ever represented a (admittedly loud) minority. Like I said, before the vote, the vast majority of Brits, both leavers and remainers alike, never spent more than a total of 10 seconds a year thinking about our membership in the EU.

wouldn't piss on europe to put the fire out

it wasn't just the media, plenty of politicians found it handy to blame all the problems on the eu and take credit for anything good they did and the media never called them out on it since they shared many of the same views
hell, those journalists making shit about the eu up eventually became politicians

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It is obvious that Brits were (and probably still are - for instance /Brit/ explodes into butthurt yous for any German or French post) obsessed with the EU and any statements otherwise are blatant damage control

i mean, they ARE european though

>Brits aren't fundamentally different from Americans
I honestly used to think this as well, before I went to the US for the first time. Your society is fundamentally different from ours. Your roots may be British, but over the centuries, you've morphed into something entirely different. Not bad. Just different. If we didn't speak the same language, I'm not sure we'd have anything in common. The delusional gammons that voted for Brexit would sooner kill themselves before admitting this out loud, but the truth is, we have infinitely more in common we our fellow Western Europeans, than we do with the US.

>they're different then us
>never lists anything relevant
>just shit like "they don't have kettles"

you're both english common law countries

oh and you're both insanely classist with private schools and life for the average person is massively grim

Yeah but in their delusions of grandeur they still rule the waves and have an empire

Lmao their aircraft carrier has a ramp

>Yeah but in their delusions of grandeur they still rule the waves and have an empire
it's basically the same for most european countries
>Lmao their aircraft carrier has a ramp
kek what kind of idiot put a r.a.m.p. on his carrier

Would agree with this, of all of our children the US seems like the retarded one we like to hide from the neighbours.

well fuck you too

abortion is still legal until the 300th years in some states
i'm just saying