I am Mexican

I am Mexican.

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Pure olmec

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I wish I were olmec descendent, brazilian índios are worthless

eres puto

Porque le dices eso?

You look similar to that hapa YouTuber

El Chino

Which one?


you look like a chinese nigger hybrid
man americans are fucking mutts

porque es puto

I'm Mexican

El olmec*

what's the difference?

Based putoposter

Well I'm descended from olmecs not Asians or Africans that's what.

no se preocupen amigos yo le pregunte

>you look like a chinese nigger hybrid
>man americans are fucking mutts
He is pure olmec.
>man americans are fucking mutts
He is not american tho, he is olmec

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this post was meant for

this. I am mexican aka olmec. Dont get me confused with another race or else.

no no, eres puto

looks like a nigger


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this one is chinese as fuck

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Proud to be an olmec.

Gracile olmec phenotype

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Robust olmec phenotype

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Hiding in my room

Op here. I feel like im a olmec mixed with a little bit of span*ard. what do yall think?

My mongoloid brother... may the Chinese Century restore glory to OUR race :)