The Skeleton Queen -edition

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doing a read

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she looks very smug

a girl sent me this earlier and thought of you x
dont get it

Oh no no nooo

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Anyone watch any Aramaki Project?

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north korean refugees

Captcha is lambasting me on my home ip goddamnit. These threads are too fast for phone posting

me on the left

leftyrorke on the ropes



funny how the tories are now copying all of Corbyn's policies

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>spend £1200 on a new PC
>continue to only play mount and blade warband
Ah yes

We should tax everyone at 100% forever and solve every single issue in the world

why are all the white guys squintier than the gooks ffs

I'me nigger

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wow did you come up with that

so corbyns normal policies were like desperation moves, due to a once in a century global crisis. more proof the man is insane.

>Aramaki Project?
what is that?

Because the gookies don't need to squint


new charli track is good lads

yeah sounds like a good idea

Korean women look pretty ugly ngl

any ja/ck/ man in

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Why do they look darker than south koreans

wtf is karl pilkington doing in north korea?

probably wont click this in all honesty

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wtf the shoes and especially the socks are all different

'ate sosherliserm

Don't insult Azula like that

you now remember global warming is a thing

Is that the fat guy that cant cook

Yet to click on a YouTube link unless it has more than 4 (you)s

>tfw Charli XCX will never be your little slut

why live

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I have tons of good ideas, such as windmill powered cars and greenhouses with entire rain forests inside of them

this was a freakshow in 1900

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alternatively, the only time corbyns policies should be considered are in the midst of a global pandemic

>ywn experience this


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Haha imagine if this was what you put on when you were having pints with de lads

Wow aha

Hate mongs who separate eggs like that

A lot more outdoor work, plus I think South Koreans do a lot of skin whitening and surgery so North Koreans look more natural.

The other icelad is the fake icelad