Remember when they were being so smug a few days ago? Why are they so silent now...

Remember when they were being so smug a few days ago? Why are they so silent now? Are busy working on weekends too so they can pay me gibs?

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you're never getting gibs med monkey

too busy with ramadam

>Remember when they were being so smug a few days ago?
No, and if you had a life you wouldn't either.


read the news, it's over, your great leader capitulated. He got too cocky but forgot that when a man with a .45 meets a man with a rifle, the man with a pistol will be a dead man

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shut up bleach drinker

our prime minister is a cuck and he still moggs all med monkeys with his aryan height genetics

im talking about the dutch ramadan-poster not a lazy immigration joke

Now let's ban all imports from norducks and blow up all their industrial installations.

I dont get this arrogant behavior. When you are the bigger country with the bigger economy and in time of crisis you need help from a smaller country with a smaller economy, maybe you need to use a different tone

oh god give me strength this thread keeps getting better and better

first pasta monkey, then fat monkey that drinks bleach, now debt monkey that's been on life support since 2004

Because now everybody know what a fake country the Netherlands is

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I think it's time now for France to bully germany into submission. They now have learnt they have all med countries on their side and can dictate what they want in the EU. What can g*rmans do? If they get too cocky France can easily nuke them.

Tax heaven in cope lol

Probably they are Utrecht supporters mad with KNVB

we've been no.1 makes of Ecstasy since forever you mongoloid, of course we love drugs

You say that like it's a bad thing.
We have a lot of HQ's of large companies

what happened?

>Unethical things are not bad if I can profit out of them
Based robot


>ethics in business

And do you think it's fair INSIDE the European union?

A good thing, uh?
I honestly want to slaughter any of you like mr.H did with jews. Same reason, different people.

if I had a magic coin at my disposal that would be able to save the economies of all southern euro countries, i would rather flick it down the sink than give it to them

not gonna work like that m8

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>OMG!! think of all the taxes the southern european countries will miss when all their companies will have shell companies in the netherlands! This is SO unethical

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First fix your corrupt shithole of a country.
Fix your lazy mediterranean workforce (10% unemployment rate!! (before covid19))
Fix your failing health care.
And stop spreading your disgusting diseases on our continent

>First fix your corrupt shithole of a country.
First you pay, than i do whatever i want. This is how this thing will work, flowerjew.
You are my bitch, get over it

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do you enjoy the new EMA building in milan? I bet the hundreds of employees + families it brought with and settled in the area have helped the economy a lot. oh wait it didn't go to milan?

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Now i can just take gibs from you... easier.

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>win by (((chance)))
lmao good for you, there's a bit of cum on your lips however

does slovenia even house any international headquarters nigga where the fuck is your country

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What's your favorite ape and why

have you tried asking your girlfriend?

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Can't remember shit. Also Holland is superior to med countries in any way.


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>a german pop up

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capitulated how? please explain.