What is Yas Forums's thought on Hawaiian Pizza?

What is Yas Forums's thought on Hawaiian Pizza?

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don't want any, no siree

i ate frozen california pizza kitchen hawaiian pizza last night

I prefer anchovies and thinly sliced garlic

not really a fan of the combination of flavor

I like it.
>nooooo you're not supposed to like that, I don't like that!! It's also not traditional!!!!
Cool I don't care. One pizza hawaii please.

Love it

now that's where i draw the line

based Deutsches Fleischmeister

I agree, btw

It's good, people only sperg out about it because le reddit maymay. Even if you don't like it it's not like some horrific abomination, it's just a kind of pizza you don't like.

Looking at it is making me hungry.

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Travesty. Ananas does not belong in a pizza

Kill yoorselffi stuupid idiot, aananas on pittsa is verry godd


Its unironically good with stuffed crust

what's weirder, anchovies or ananas?

I still think all the Hawaiian pizza hate is a big meme I'm not aware of I like it. I want to try shrimp pizza tho.

'za for kids

It should not be called Hawaiian pizza because it's not from Hawaii.

It should be just called "pizza", since by definition, "pizza" is a flat dough bread topped with ham and pineapple.

Epic reddit meme

That's like saying cheese doesn't belong on a cheeseburger.


Potatoes aren't Irish or tomatoes italian, nobody cares.

I don't like ham on pizza but I do like pineapple on it

Pineapple with garlic sauce is my favorite pizza

Love it
Can’t understand the hate.
Or why people feel SO STRONGLY about it

Pineapple pizza should be called Greek pizza.


i used to think it was disgusting until i tried it and its actually pretty damn good desu senpai

pineapple is shit no matter what other stuff you mix it with

I like it, people need to shut the fuck up whining about it

delicious canadian invention

Why is that?