Why do white men love racemixing so much?

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because white women would rather fuck dogs

We don't really in Canada Asians , Latin Americans and blacks do it more

I don't understand it. Must be genetic. I see a non white woman and it doesn't matter what she looks, none of them do anything to me.

Because Asian girls are cute

We don't, but we have no choice.
White women don't want us anymore.

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We have an insatiable urge to conquer everything.

it's just banter

Because white women are boring.

Have you seen a wh*te woman?
Shitty body, shitty face, look like grandmas by 25 and believe they're the shit just because they're pink.
For me it's mixed girls

not like we have a choice, white women only want black guys so we have to compensate

I've been on tinder in Canada, and everyone Indian & Asian girl (There's alot) say they only want white guys.

That's a psyop, not true.

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They're the hottest race from 6 to 12 though.

women have low IQ

Meanwhile in Belgium...
user I....

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are you black

i am sorry hear that

Cherry picking. Less common than white men with foreign women.


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i believe you

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I know. Most racial fetish profiles in North America and Australia are directed to either white guys or black guys I have seen a lot of them but almost never for anyone else

Genetic dead end. Hapa men and women are both mentally ill, but at least hapa women can procreate. Going mulatto is the chad's reproductive choice.

16 percent of white men in Canada and 13percent of white women in Canada are in mixed relations. This isn't the most

Top 3 for women are
1 Japanese
2 Latin American
3 flipino

Top 3 for men are
1 Japanese
2 black
3 Latin American

i dont blame white men
its yellow roasties open thier legs to white men
id do the same if white women worship asian male

This, literally every white woman I know is either dating or married to a black guy. I live in West Virginia btw.

was this place always obsessed with race or it's something that developed with time

they do, kim. why do you see so many sexpats in your country?

It's the white man's nature to BLANDA UPP.
Wherever they go, they must propagate their genes.

They feel betrayed by white women

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non-white women chase white men like men chase women

Literally like 80-90 percent of Interacial couples here are white guys with asian girls or black guys with white girls.

Although there is almost two white guy asian girl for every black man white female couples given that there are almost twice as many asians. There are literally parts of North York where WMAF is even more common then WMWF. It's also now common to see indian/paki girl zoomers with white hockey player chads nowadays.

Also a lot of mioroty mixing as well pajeets and black guys with asian girls and black guys with pajeetas

> t.toronto

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Unironically hes a big hip-hop fan and he raps lol.


im happy with czech and russian girls, i hate niggers

I ship Chilean women and Haitian men.

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Because hapas are beautiful

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