Why do chinks fear the black bvll?

why do chinks fear the black bvll?

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pp too smol. and they'e still blaming china virus on naggers. dw.com/en/sierens-china-scapegoating-african-residents-over-covid-19-fears/a-53158262

they can not compete

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That's the raw power of the BBC

Kek why are they immediately scared of Blacks?
Arabs and Pakis are much worse in my experience

>Wong is Wong

>chinese are superior!
>we wont discriminate


ironic coming from these people considering chink women are the biggest racemixers on this planet after white men.
i guess that'll explain Yas Forums as well/.

I would hate to see Chinese with blacks.
Based Chinese men btfoing the animals.
Based Chinese girls are racist against blacks anyway but the 0,05% that aren't would be bad enough given that there are over a billion of them and the internet tends to find the worst of the worst.

chinks eat dogs but they're immune to western globo homo culture

I'm conflicted

t. zheng


OK Zhang

>I would hate to see Chinese with blacks.
sadly for you chinese women all want BBC.

You need to go back, Zhang


I don't understand that last post.

because chink women want BBC.

Black BVLLs are universally loved by women from all race.

Literally the opposite is true, though.
The Chinese are violently racist against black people for some reason.

false, chink women all want BLACK COCK.

Chinese are based racists who didn't use black slaves because they thought such slaves would pollute their sacred land. So they just enslaved other chunks instead. Imagine if the Americans had been this smart and enslaved the Irish.

My childhood friend introduced me to this qt3.14 traditional girl that seemed pretty based and religious. During dinner she tended to agree with my friend's vehemous racism against black people, and even once supplemented the dialogue with her own racist vitriol against blacks.

Kinda made me want to BLACKED her out of perversion.

Chinese men in particular are very conscious of race-mixing, not because of any concerns for biological purity, but for egotistical reasons. Chinese men who score other races women, particularly White women, are seen as heroes and celebrated from bringing glory to the motherland, when their women marry other races men, mostly White men, they get embarrassed and feel dishonour, so they take it out on nigs.

>white women
>are seen as heroes
>and celebrated
none of this is actually true though. chinks probably hate each other more than they hate whites. and they'll only hate whites if they perceive that the whites are acting against their own interests.

i do like white women myself, but i find that they age terribly and ungracefully.

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t.loserbernd chink namefag

The thing about White women is an incel cope, I've personally come across very few good looking East Asian women and the ones that are goo looking have European facial features, any White man who doesn't prefer White women most likely has some mental problem.
Also, Asian men are generally perceived as weak and feminine .

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It's the cost of Chinese neo-imperialism in Africa. Many Chinese live and work in Africa, in order to extract resources for export and processing in Chinese factories. It's not usually efficient to use African labor, so they prefer to bring in Chinese workers. Some African countries legally mandate that African labor is used. Some African countries demand reciprocal immigration arrangements, so that blacks can live, work, own property, or have citizenship in China; just like Chinese do those things in African countries.

Funnily, China has successfully lobbied, so that the Han Chinese race are designated as "black people" under South African law. Such racial categorizations have significant impacts in how the South African government will treat you. Chinese in south africa get all of the race based affirmative-action of black south africans.

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Young Chink girls are starting to hook up with black guys now

Black guys' popularity has surged over the past 5 years in China, so they had to put it down.

>the Han Chinese race are designated as "black people"
Black people are officially Asian. I know a guy that will be pleased to hear this.

Soon the blasians who will return with their parents form Africa to China will breed the yellow pussy