Do Americans?

Do Americans?

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This but the opposite.

I can't believe anyone would find a girl like that attractive.

works on my machine

low test

It's nice to fuck 15 year olds even though I'm almost 30

>I cant believe anyone would find a girl like that attractive

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I married my wife when she was 14 and I was 21.

She looks like she smells like shit desu

shut up disgusting pedo

you realize it's not because fucking a 17 year old 364 day old is immoral, it's because you have to draw the line somewhere and America decided to draw the line at 18yo. you could make the argument that lowering the AOC by one day isn't a big deal continuously, until you're reaching the single digits


She “looks” like she could suck a golf ball through a straw

she looks like she smells of perfume

Guys I've been searching high and low for a compilation of this girls, any one of you sitting on one?

Also does she have nudes?

Thanks a bunch x

ugh, you tell me

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shut up and post her naked tits fat boy

the only good thing are the tits and they are fat

Boobs are boobs.

has sex
does not have sex

simple as

ditto, she's skin and bones

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Based. Wish you a long happy life with your wife

Why would you get married at 21? Do you have a sidepiece?


I do not. We wanted a large family and a homestead.

But there's already a natural line that's called puberty instead of an arbitrary one like 18 yo.

Photos don't age


Puberty is a far more arbitrary line than 18 years old.
>She has pubic hair, she's legal!
>She has her period, she's legal!
>She is starting to grow breasts, she's legal!

>not arbitrary