What does your last name mean and what origins does it have?

What does your last name mean and what origins does it have?

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it denotes a proud mounastirian lineage...

It is french and refers to a specialized type of enamel wood working, pic related

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It's a color so I can only guess the origins

Neal (Neil) is a masculine given name, and surname of Gaelic origin. ... The Irish name may be derived from words meaning "cloud", "passionate", or "champion". As a surname, Neil is traced back to Niall of the Nine Hostages who was an Irish king and eponymous ancestor of the Uí Néill and MacNeil kindred.


I have one in two words, the first is a nickname my ancestor used to have and the second is ancient french for blacksmith

son of (the man called) eagle/chicken

Descendant of man called Tesho

my last name means poplar, which is a tree or something


Means little prince

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Don’t know what it means and I only have guesses as to it’s origin

I have a christian name and I hate that
But I was born in storm and only 2 ships were at sea and I am named after one of them and I love that

Google exists you know.

Hi Parq

I totally missed the last name part

Means the son of sigurjón


Origin is literally galician jews

Why does everyone have a name that means blacksmith, me included ? Was it a Chad job back in the day ?

It was a common job
How many people welders, sheet metal fabricators etc do you know?(i know a lot) back in the day they were all just blacksmiths

Hi Sigurjónsson

blacksmith is common lastname in the world


Not quite. The trade is known as marquetry

My name means noble land. It is either of norse or old high german origin.

apparently it came from a Visigothic king in Hispania (Ruderic)

blacksmiths were basically the engineers of premodernity, it was a respected profession

also, my surname, the meaning of which I posted above, is Serbocroatian in origin, a patronymic of a prechristian, totemic South Slavic personal name

I think everyone knows it's origin.

Zero kek
I guess it was more important at the time

Sullivan is a boy's name of Irish origin meaning "black-eyed one".

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I probably know it, just tell me first letter

an it means famous ruler

I would stare at anybody who would try to call me that

It's the same name as a town in the Netherlands.
It means a town in the Netherlands.

Schultes which comes from the medieval german office of Schultheiß (kinda like a modern day mayor)

I didn't mention that the surname was phonetically germanised when my ancestors settled in Bela Krajina, on the estates of the Teutonic Order in the early 18th century.

English, probably from Old Norse via the Danelaw. It is a patronymic form of an administrative position.

>What does your last name mean
The one who never gives up
>what origins does it have?

Stad lol?

Hi Marq

means something like "he who came from outside the city"


litterally mean "a little valley"

that's not very original, i guess some of my ancestors in middle ages lived in a little valley and spent day masturbating, that would explain my genes

Nah. It's a tiny little town in North Holland.
It's obscure enough that I don't want to post it.

French version of a famous Dutch name.

I don't know what it means but it's similar to a Protestant group



My name is a "Frenchizied" version of an old and uncommon Breton name and now nobody knows for sure what it means. All I know is that it was common in a few villages in Morbihan. Maybe a 100yo or something grandma from there knows what it means but I'm too far away to investigate.

Fuck nation-states, their centralization and their killing of perceived foreign cultures and ethnicities.

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