Did she do it?

Did she do it?

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he's fine.

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With me? I wish

my little supreme leader can't be this cute

Just a publicity stunt to promote her kpop career

>tfw no asian yandere dictator gf
why live?

can't wait for her sextape to be uploaded onto xvideos

And here is some poi-
Here is some flowers for great leader

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She's ugly even by Asian standards.

She is actually pretty attractive.

No way. She is homely as fuck. This is what Koreans look like without plastic surgery.

This is what she looked like when she went to school in Switzerland.

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what's her first executive command going to be, bros? a harem of cute boys?

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Yeah, I absolutely would.

And that's ok, natural girls>plastic shit

She's gonna steal one of the kpop bands for sure, I think they did that all the time in the 60s and 70s with SK and japanese actors

I don't think she has the same lust for power her brother has. I doubt she wants to deal with the foreign and domestic assassination attempts, international diplomacy, nuclear tests, sanctions, game of thrones bullshit etc. She probably just wants to live a live in luxury with her brother acting as her protector/lightning rod

Yeah but only when the girl is actually good looking. Most Asians are just ugly.

she better deal with it

the future is female

No. I did.

is anything actually confirmed yet

you didn't hear it from me, but the supreme leader is now a supreme vegetable and rumor has it she is going to take the throne.

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trump thinks it's just rumors

Our future leader, you guys better get used to it.
She's going to conquer all of europe and we'll be nothing more than her slave

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>go to communist country
>starve into being thin
Communism just works

Didn't work with kim jong un though

No. Rumours like these have swirled around before, it's hard to get anything really confirmed until NK media announce it officially. And that will be after they delay as long as possible.

Look at their chins, look at their stance, look at their jaws and remember:
>bro, just be yourself, works for me

These guys are probably relatively short and not that intimidating IRL. They're barely taller then her.