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Read this shit some damn time:
4chanint.fandom.com/wiki/The_Official_Yas Forums_How_to_Learn_A_Foreign_Language_Guide_Wiki

Totally not a virus, but rather, lots of free books on languages!:

Check this pastebin for plenty of language resources as well as some nice image guides:

Torrents with more resources than you'll ever need for 30 plus languages:
List of trackers for most language learning packs:

>How do I learn a language? What is the best way to learn one? How should I improve on certain aspects?
Read the damn wiki
>Should I learn lang Y so I can learn lang X?
>What is the most useful language?
Any... Scotsanon will claim it's Scots anyway
>What language should I learn?
See above

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requesting tvrkish help:

1 >What language are you learning and why?
Türkçe’yi çalışıyorum çünkü o bir güzel ve özlü dil.
2 >Where are you from? What is your native language?
Gelerim Şili’den. Anadilim Ispanyol, ama Ingilizce ve Italyan bilerim de.
3 >What is your favourite food?
Makarna ve pizza. Çince yemeği severim, de.
4 >What is your job? (or dream job)
Avukat veya sosyolog olmak istiyorum.
5 >What is your favourite hobby?
Diller calışmak ve bas gitar çalmak.
6 >How is the weather today?
Bugün güneşli ve sıcak. Bu tuhaf; dün bulutlu ve soğuk. Şahsen soğuğı yeğlerim.
7 >Describe your city
Kentim çok güzel ve çağdaş, ancak, kirlenmiş.
8 >What makes you happy?
Ailem, müzik, arkadaşlar, video oyunları...
9 >What pets do you have?
Akvaryumum ve kedim var. Akvaryumumda 7 balıklar ve 5 salyangozlar var.
10 >Choose your own topic.
Bence, Duolingo iyi bir araç. Temelleri ve basit kelimeleri öğrenebilirsin, ancak, diğer kaynakları kullanmalısın. Sadece Duolingo yeter değil.

Vrf skapar du alla språktrådar?


För att ingen annan hinner före? Ser jag att knuffgränsen är nådd så gör jag en ny tråd om ingen hunnit göra en innan dess.

Helt enkelt.

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suno pona, jan ale o.

I let a Turk know you want halp.

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>yea bro you should try speaking it more often

Clearly those are French geese.

just let a german flag know.

>Türkçe’yi çalışıyorum çünkü o bir güzel ve özlü dil.
Türkçe çalışıyorum çünkü o güzel ve özlü bir dil.

>Gelerim Şili’den. Anadilim Ispanyol, ama Ingilizce ve Italyan bilerim de.
You can say "Şili'den geliyorum" or "Şililiyim." lel. "Anadilim İspanyolca, ama İngilizce ve İtalyanca da bilirim/biliyorum."

>Makarna ve pizza. Çince yemeği severim, de.
Çin yemeği de severim.

>Diller calışmak ve bas gitar çalmak.
Dil çalışmak or dil öğrenmek is correct.

>Bugün güneşli ve sıcak. Bu tuhaf; dün bulutlu ve soğuk. Şahsen soğuğı yeğlerim.
"dün bulutlu ve soğuktu. Şahsen soğuğu yeğlerim."

>Akvaryumumda 7 balıklar ve 5 salyangozlar var.
Akvaryumumda 7 balık ve 5 salyangoz var. When you give the number, you shouldn't add the plural suffix.

>Sadece Duolingo yeter değil.
yeterli değil or yetmez is correct.

Mükemmelsin, tebrik ederim. Çok daha iyi olacaksın, devam et Şilli user :3

will I ever get anywhere without seriously studying grammar?

What’s the purpose of gramatical gender?

You'll just get the gets.

No. Grammar is key in every language. Even if it's aids in your target you have to learn it

Concordance, which allows free word order compared to non gendered languages.

but what about just passively picking it up through general lessons/graded readers instead of drilling grammar rules into my brain?

>What’s the purpose of gramatical gender?

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I don't know the science of how people learn in depth but I doubt it'll work. But people learn differently, so I can't say for sure with you. Also, if it does work for you (or others), I'd imagine it'd take SIGNIFICANTLY longer to learn the grammar, since you're trying to figure it out yourself as you go as opposed to sitting down and learning the rules individually.

Why are you tripfagging?

I come from /flag/ I'm too lazy to remove it

Not to shill or anything, but you should try it out

thank you both very much :D

So what are some actual online space where I can actually shitpost with actual 中国 mainlanders?

I am trying hard to hear the distinction between "гoтoв" and "гoтoвь", and maybe reproduce it but I am having some difficulty with it. I understand palatalization but I can't even hear a difference while palatizing "гoтoвь".

Go eat a banana, monkey


Can you guys tell which one is which here?

Isn't weibo more like a twitter couterpart?
I'm already on wechat, but afaik you're supposed to know people beforehand

All sound like гoтoв

How would genders alone allow for free word order?

>All sound like гoтoв
Damn. I'll try to figure out what I'm doing wrong and post again.
Do these guys sound right to you:

Also, am I supposed to add a very short "e" [j] to the end of Гoтoвь?