lebanese chebs

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here we are then... dug it out of the archive
it was pretty dull, but you can listen for a few mins from 26:30 to hear emmett get blow out

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The neo-NEETs will fight tooth and nail to preserve their newfound NEETdom.
They will ferociously attack you for the mere suggestion that lockdown should be eased.
They will sweep any study under the carpet that shows the virus isn't dangerous or is already widespread.

Once you get a taste for the NEET life you'll do everything in your power to stay there.

Some people hate the English


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i have bowed legs


There was a part 2 to Mia Khalifas debut hijab porno featuring her step sister

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>Kim Jong-nam was the eldest son of North Korean leader Kim Jong-il. From roughly 1994 to 2001, he was considered the heir apparent to his father.[1] He was thought to have fallen out of favour after embarrassing the regime in 2001 with a failed attempt to visit Tokyo Disneyland with a false passport

lool why are chinks so autistic

me too mate

aay kim, buddy, lay off the noodles eh? haha i'm kidding, but seriously mate x

RIP laddie


didn't know that
but her fake hijab was cringe and the mother had botox balloon lips

what are the trainspotters doing in iceland?

can't believe he's gone

praying its just misinformation

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still miss im
used to curl one out into the top bin like it were nuffin

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cant believe there are people on /brit/ that fell for the university meme. Most of you probably spent 5 years after working in a bar and forgot everything you learnt. Now you're saddled with 40k debt for the rest of your days. Embarassing.

right well my hair feels like combing your hands through straw so I do not have the same relief

can't believe I haven't seen this

mummy and daddy paid my uni fees though

been reading about deforestation in scotland and how this isn't actually a natural environment
bring back the beavers and hardwoods I say

Did this porno make anyone else get a paki fetish?

Thats not what happened and you know it. I handle myself exactly as you’d expect. Mikey got shat on and the aussie just sounds like an autistic fag.
>i-i-i-i’m gonna d-d-d-dig up the a-a-archive
we were all there, kid.
try harder.

im gonna say drake but its probably nelson

while others fail for the dont go university and spent 5 years as a neet not progressing in any way as an adult

t. me

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you avin a laff?

please lads
*cough cough*
when I'm gone
promise to remember the good ti*cough*mes

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Scholarships paid for my degree

what to do instead then

>tfw too smart for education

he's trolling

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