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Based first female totalitarian dictator

There's no way that the rumors about Un naming her as his successor are true. It would be like asking to get poisoned

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"Communism" are going to become even more popular among western virgins. cool

the look on yall's face when i be the first western pig to impregnate her lmao

made for BWC

God i wish be on the floor and she stepping on me with bare feet or pantyhose

God, i want her to dom me

She's pretty good looking for a gook without plastic surgery

she would be perfection with a jaw shave surgery


based, she sure will nuke people

anyone else feel kinda bad for kimmy? he seems like a cool down to earth man and it's like a new chapter in life im not willing to accept

t. BWC slut

yeah all 2 inches of it.

damn, trump is getting lucky as fuck.
all his enemies are falling dead, or self-sabotaging.
>iran shooting their own plane
>china starting a pandemic
>kim hitting the bucket

He's apparently not even dead and is just chilling at the beach. What's the actual source for death rumours? is it just twitter?

he really needed lose some fat, what a shame

>he fell for the meme of North Korea being actually communist

you may not like it but Aung San Suu Kyi is already that

cnn started it to get easy clicks, now everyone is surfing on the trend, it's not the first time he diseapear, probably nothing

it's seeming more and more plausible as north korea themselves haven't really refuted it..

i'll miss the memes and shit he stirs, the news will be extra boring.

the famed 9d chessereino we all have been hearing about

huh i don't get it

I fully support gender equality for all forms of government.

>Aung San Suu Kyi
Best I can tell she's more of this weird quasi-puppet quasi-collaborator for the military establishment.

they rarely comment on outside rumours

how can I make her my wife?

Anyone else studying Juche now haha...

cope and seethe

extremely cute

She's already married.

the DPRK is socialist you political infant.


Imagine being his lovely husband

lucky guy indeed

No, it's Juche you fucking imbecile. Stupid fucking incompetent british can't get anything right ever.

how can I ruin her current marriage and make her my wife?

I want a dictator gf so bad

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Juche is socialim, man

>There's no way that the rumors about Un naming her as his successor are true
Why do you think so?