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meal was meh

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Is that Urkerl, jason or josé?

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Some niggers aren’t black and all trannies and jannies are niggers.

it's jason aka goshcel

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on lunch break at toil, I'm not even half way done with this shit

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yes, he is.

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i keep trying to click to unhighlight this picture


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I want to nut inside jasona

urkel is black and he is a million times more intelligent than you and 100 times less degenerate than you


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if I pretend like my shift just started then it's like I'm only working 5 hours today

>kim jong un dies
>right in the midsts of a global pandemic
>right before a global famine
>right as tensions with china are at their peak
>right as oil prices have every major country on edge
all the pieces are falling into place

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sad face emoticon

Not to bad. It’ll be over before you know it :)

I hope we have a nice little world war.

miao miao :) ;)

It's not clear whether he's dead or alive

ok bye anons i love you almost all i will post back again later at night

*scritch scritch scritch*

Lets say he is. Who do you think is going to believe they have the right to decide who north korea belongs to? The democratic republic of South Korea or the chinese communist party? Do you think either party will give in?

ppuuurrrrrr :) :) :D

The DPRK will probably choose a successor.

All these posts are atrocious and you should be ashamed.

Un's brother was assassinated, do you believe such a traditional country will follow his sister? Do you think they will accept somebody who is not of the same blood line when they have been told they are basically deities their entire life?

>plague omnipresent
>there's an upcoming famine
We just need a war and the apocalypse is sure to follow.

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>rissian delivery system

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Good night!
no u

umm you're no expert and have no inside knowledge ok

How stupid do you think the common Korean is? I’m sure there are some that believe the propaganda but I doubt a majority actually believe their leaders to actually be divine.

STFU tranny


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Better than USPS.

Ugh I’ll bet that cat’s a discord tranny

She's a daughter of Kim Jong-Il. She's part of the same bloodline.

The only transsexual who regularly posts here is Ale. And apparently a Canadian, which I've never seen.

Prove it.


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It's only true as far as we know. This is true of basically anything about North Korea.

All I've done is ask some questions. There are some very important and nearly prophetic pieces all moving at the same time. It's a very interesting time we're living in right now.

there used to be a canadian FtM incel that would post here, it's the same one that the hungarian keeps asking here about lol

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Okay, prove it.