I feel like europeans have a tendency to sometimes look ''inbred'' or look weird and kinda ugly...

i feel like europeans have a tendency to sometimes look ''inbred'' or look weird and kinda ugly, whereas americans often have a uniform look and look normal

anyone else feel this way?

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Maybe it's just the fact that Europeans niggas be ugly AF

I'd fuck each and every person in this picture


danes have fat legs.

maybe you watched too many american movies and your brain somehow decided that amricans look "normal". but there is no normal people, based on their ethnicity, you silly faggot.
btw, people in this picture are absolutely not representative of the whole european continent

Americans aren’t human.

I both look and dress like a cleetus - failing long hair, a beard, checkered shirts, blue jeans...I even used to own a pair of overalls

seeing normal yanks who aren't cherrypicked will disabuse you very fast of that idea

I, too, base my frame of reference on the entire world on imageboard maymays

To be honest this, everyone makes fun of the amerimutts thing. But most euros are inbreds. Most attractive " white " celebs have mixed ancestry

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does people look arian as fuck
pls come here and breed with us we are too brown

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Are you seriously confused about a brunch of awkward real teenagers not looking like a 22yo Robert Pattinson pretending to be one?

Pattinson is Scottish, I'm pretty sure

You're a dumb faggot if you think all Americans look like Brad Pitt.

can they pass as european?

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I take the one on the far left in the first row

Just first example of a pretend Hollywood teen that came to mind, it's not about ethnicity

I want to surf on the legs of the one on the right

English maybe

why do n*rds have such weird noses?

English, but close enough.

Everyone at my school was either Serb or Asian

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and I have no idea if people on the pic are amerian or european

all everyone at my school was native. that means british norse mutts, 90% brown hair, 9% blonde rest red.
though no one with brown eyes, all bluegreengrey

Danes were bred from Swine according to Finnish biologists

>Actually pretneding these wouldn't pass as local in France, Germany, anywhere in Northern Europe.

I would much prefer this 'inbred' phenotype to all of the fucking mexicans walking around over here.

Is that the star wars girl?

americans are disgusting wtf are u on about

This. Taste is formed by environment. But I would agree that if there's any difference between Euros and us, it's that a given European nation has a sharper, better defined look. You can probably guess from pic related what nationality she is for instance. Americans meanwhile are euromutts, most of the specific ethnic sense you can get looking at a euro is gone, because you have italians who fuck irish who fuck germans, etc.

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