Food from your country #2

>Made for BBQ edition


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If I’ll ever go to England the first thing I’ll unironically do is looking for a Greggs and ask Brit/pol/ what should I order

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this one works too

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sausage, cheese and bean melt

Don't make a conclusion before trying them in Turkey

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Lentil soup and bread with butter and salt

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here comes the stereotype

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Fritto misto

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Schnitzel with asparagus and sauce hollandaise

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almost done with the seafood restaurant
what other kind of restaurant should be next?

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poorfag food, nothing fancy.
what do the common people eat

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Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte

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This is tochitura moldoveneasca
It's great

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gonna look for a taco joint with a fb page

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Holy shit I’m hard.

Fiori di zucca (pumpkin flowers), covered in batter and deep fried.

They can also by stuffed, usually with mozzarella or ricotta and anchovies or ricotta and pepper

Forgot the picture

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This is coltunași,they have sweet cheese in them,they are better than every other dessert in the world

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This looks really good.

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Nice, they reminded me of Sardinian Seadas

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so poor people eat oysters in mexico?

Nothin personnel but 4 me the cotoletta alla milanese is the superior one

>in b4 the Americans “it’s just country fried steak”

Nope it’s a veal cutlet with its bone with milanese style breading and deep fried in clarified butter

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Did you know that lobsters were considered food for peasants back then?

theyre not expensive afaik

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why does this make me sad?


Never had one, so I cant comment on that, but isnt it basically the same?

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for me, it's pork and pickle pies

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ppl used to throw the chicken wings away

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Steak Bake, anything else is for girls

Königsberger Klöpse

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I love shrimps bro, I'm drooling rn
wtf I love Mexico now

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Why is Scotch egg that low? It looks really good.

how much does a steak bake cost

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Same as everything else. Greggs is equal opportunity, but only gays order a Chicken and Mushroom Slice


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Schnitzel is not the same meat and it’s boneless, plus it’s fried in oil.

It’s another thing but even though I like both of them the cotoletta is superior imho because the butter gives a more delicate taste.

Pic related is called elephant ear and it’s a monster cotoletta which it’s covered by its side like in pic related. Variants include melted cheeses and prosciutto or sauces

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I mean, acarajé is awesome, but it's not that popular outside of Bahia/northeast.
In São Paulo the most common drunk food is probably BBQ.

1.50 I think
inflation gone mad

How the fuck did they butcher a good so simple
And it's a traditional food in just one state, not the whole country

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Disgusting, rootless Saupreißen garbage...

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Potato rösti with roasted pork shank.

Germanic and Swiss bros will understand

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done with the seafood
will take a smoke and post something else later

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this chart is wrong

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seems cheap to me