Da Bears Gonna Win Da Superbowl edition

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redditspacing and capitalisation are cancer because it's done by cocks who think their posts are worth more than they actually are
it detracts from the jovial nature of /brit/ and should be discouraged

not related to british customs or culture in any way



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cannabis factory

>Dogshit yank edition


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Never found twerking to he attractive. They just look like dumb apes. Nary a blood cell in the ol willard

jay cutler smokes cigarettes.

got 5 days off work

gonna get drunk and take painkillers EVERY day

With Foles

was interested to find that Moni has a thread on kiwifarms earlier

don't do this with women regardless of how close you are with them, don't reveal weakness like this they're just disgusted by it
irl or online
what country was she from?


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>dogshit doug

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Redditspacing and capitalisation are cancer because it's done by cocks who think their posts are worth more than they actually are.

It detracts from the jovial nature of /brit/ and should be discouraged.

fortune smiled upon us
sacrifice the argus

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*invades iraq*
yeah the top boss bush making pure oil money
*fat stacks around bush's desk*

Kid, we are not your friends.

remember all those schools and hospitals obama drone striked lol

just returned from my 4day ban, what did i do to deserve such harsh punishment?
>called clogwog a clogwog
>cited: Yas Forums only allows respectful discussion of other cultures
FONC janny

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Can't tell you how much I love cock lads

reddit spacing is literally not a thing and never was

da burrs gonna win da superb owl

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can't stop wanking to black women (the lighter skin kind)



Democratic Republic of The Congo kidding me

reddit spacing was never a thing until reddit posters came here and started saying that while trying to pretend they weren't reddit shitbags

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Who /simpcel/ here?

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yeah i gotta good feeling boy. foles, the blue eyes white dragon bringing the bears to the top. it has been too long. fuck i miss football

reminder that everyone was waiting for the new so they could post their best material and this *scrolls up then back down* is the best you could come up with

what painkillers lad? got 9 morphine pills left took 40mg today didnt do very much think ive got a bit of the ol tolerance

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why is chicago so based. Can't wait to move there

if Jay Cutler were a manservant he'd be Jay Butler


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dad just sent me this

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just needed a moment of lunacy since I haven't articulated what's qualming me in a while, she just happened to be on the receiving end of it. I'm not really bothered what she thinks of me anyway since she's far too attractive for me to try anything with
she's from france

>the lighter skin kind

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she is right
i love women, they're boss


dog bless

such is the way of the leeching neet life.

S o c i a l l y d i s t a n c i n g m y l e t t e r s

all your posts are shit

tramadol currently

considering beginning taking heroin

grandad is that you?

state of the chatroom


bit cold out

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Could never be interested in a woman that has to reinforce everything she says with ok? alright? at the end

why don't you fuck her in the pussy mate

dont care

based reply (even though it wasn't you)

he means

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what the fuck was her problem?

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why are you kicking your dad out, lad?

*shrieking white women intensifies *

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/sp/ jannies killed 4c han

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didn't really cross my mind until now, thanks for the suggestion
will provide regular updates on the situation with this particular french rose, she's dummy pretty

haha i came up with that
only ever posted it once, with zero consequences
a ban would probably do me good to be honest

reckon those big rubber tires shes got for lips would look good wrapped around my tiny white willy

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Yeah i've felt like I could do heroin and kick it as it must be the same as just a high dose of morphine but what's the point of doing it when you can get just as high on tramadol. If the answer is money then thats exactly why you dont want to start the heroin

might as well just fuck a white girl what's the point

all day B

chicago got soulllllll homeboy

apologise for your car emma

She's ugly

why don't drug dealers sell hrt pills under the counter to transsexuals

here's a question goys.
Hours do not exist. They are a social construct. We arbitrarily decided to divide a day into 24 pieces.
HOWEVER, with what we accept to be an hour as 60 minutes, this doesn't split the day into 24 nice little pieces because a day is actually 23.964 ""Hours"". So why didn't we just take the actual amount of time a day is (which isn't a social construct because it's how long it takes the moon to orbit Earth) and then once THAT is divided into 24 we will henceforth refer to that as an "Hour".

instead we have to put up with this bullshit leap second leap minute leap year bullshit.

uganda be kidding me

The average white woman is a state

True. I just want to separate my post out, I don't trust people on this site to look at a full paragraph and actually read it.

the cock juice is seeping out

get yer rat out

mikey, my son

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>i've felt like I could do heroin and kick it
ohhhhhhh boy

i do like carole cadwalladr but she does sometimes go a bit mental

don't post pics of her or anything here the little rodents will dox and warn her
pretty certain someone did that to me when i once posted a tinder chat on here and the girl mentioned her ig account in it
the fucking runt

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I'm coming to your sofa boy

The United Kingdom be kidding me!

iceland be kidding me

It’s true is it not

my tolerance is going up quickly though with daily usage

also tramadol is unique in that once you go over 400mg there is a real risk of having seizures which I don't particularly want. Currently I am sub 400mg but as I say, tolerance going up

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true, time itself in its current form is a babylonian creation. just sleep through the days innit

top right when she sees my wilson

shalom jackie!

days aren't always the same length though

>i do like carole cadwalladr
for the love of god why

sez ere yer a fuckin nonce mate

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i'm well aware, would far rather keep any pics to myself anyway

Mental that people use these terms as if it's a real thing when they only came into use a few months ago. Get that being a gayboy paying women money isn't new but everyone is using the word 'simp' like they've always used it.

she's brazilian


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she a good journalist

who invited you?

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careful lad. been a fiend for nearly two decades on that stuff. it's great, but the bad times are unspeakable. there are things that are sacrificed in that life. if you have family or friends dont try it

the astronauts who first land on jupiter are going to be very dizzy lol

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CREASING at this image

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Nigel did

Fuck am I ever glad I high tailed it out to the boondocks when i did. Right on the cusp of ‘rona, innit. Funny how things line up like that.

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cats having another existential crisis

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mad how girls used to laugh at 'nerds' who used the internet and played computer games, now they do both for incomes in excess of a quarter mill p.a.

it was a different time

Just judge it by when the sun comes up, is at its height and goes down and work around that.

blows my mind we've actually had landers on venus
I always forget that
they get dissolved in like ten minutes but still

I grieve in stereo

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I have natural tolerance, having no history of opiate use I had to take 250mg tramadol to feel high and even then I was still able to function pretty normally. Diazepam with tramadol will potentiate the effects and allow you to take less than 400mg and still get high, the anti seizure effects of diazepam are also advantageous here for obv reasons. Have you considered dissolving it and plugging it up your arse?

The most attractive figure surely


This is England

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because the definition of a "day" isn't precise, days are constantly varying in length by a miniscule amount due to tiny factors
an hour is instead defined by something constant, i.e 3600 seconds where a second is defined as the duration of 9,192,631,770 periods of the radiation corresponding to the transition between the two hyperfine levels of the ground state of the caesium 133 atom at 0 kelvin


You now remember Kony 2012

not as funny as 9/11 though

tramadol isn't even a high compared to heroin
not being elitist or anything but just truthful

Doug dealer

simp has been a mgtow term for like 10 years

what would be construed as nerd shit in the 00's is now peak fashion and entertainment

lmao grim

people died you sick bastard

how did they die, I don't understand it - why didn't they just breathe in?

i haven't been called that in a long time...

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word. lemme know when youre ready and ill give you the address. $100 a month

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think thats in south america where violence of every imaginable sort (incl against women) is extreme so they probably have a point there at least

its been a negroid term for longer than that

that's a wet paper towel in a dinky little plastic bag

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Liverpudlians are hardly people, mate

firstly Jupiter is made up of gas so no astronaut will ever "land on Jupiter"

secondly the planet rotates at a constant velocity, and so it would not make the astronauts any more dizzy than they would be on earth

thirdly kill yourself

a better time, would you say?
*upvotes* al mawt li america

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crush a can for jay owen


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Looks shite

no thanks. only the finest nitrous oxide for me

it's that time again

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what does that stuff actually smell like

>the 5'4 and built like an Icelandic construction worker


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any other handsome intelligent users logged in tonight?

Getting ready for SLOOP

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British plumber of yesteryear dumping shit on australia

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What's her name?

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vk com/videos-138755518

lets be honest lads girls get fit at 15ish

for me, it's heroween

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Cocaine? Idk it's a very specific smell

very much against the exotic animal trade an that, but would also very much like one of these lil fellers knockin around my house

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wow that tattoo is class

remember when people used to use that let me google that for you site lmgtfy it used to wind me up to fuck

the slooper image gets me because my room really does stink like shit

5'5" actually

find it oddly charming how much you enjoy this meme doug

it's not called herolose it's called heroin

He’s right to be fair

is duckduckgo duckduckgone?

draw me a picture of how it smells

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hmm don't know. let me just-

speccy on the lefts head is like a fuckin gimbal

alexandra guillemant or something like that
only 10 in existence as far as I'm concerned

Bazzington old chap, 'ow yer farin?

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>what does coke smell like?

if you've ever walked past a big pile of mushy wet decaying leaves in autumn then it smells exactly like that. Because cocaine is an alkaloid that comes from leaves

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heroin? more like get hero-INTO my bloodstream!!!! lool

Visually yeah but if you speak to a 15 year old girl they are very much children and if you actually want to have sex with them you're a nonce

like the dentists but less minty and more petrol-y
surely sloomber is better?

Got any where Misty gets her arse out?

he has a point you know

No it doesn’t

what if shes mature for her age

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>only 10 in existence as far as I'm concerned
actually, that's Shakira from about 2005 mate (although it's arguable she was the only 11 of all time)

great post

Listening to Keane and sniffing coke

drinking downeast cider
unfiltered cider
very nice
and double blend so it's twice the alcohol

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bernieboy taking a hot steaming dump on the >lucky country