I am majoring in Latin American Studies at Leiden University. I have to choose a country to write my thesis about...

I am majoring in Latin American Studies at Leiden University. I have to choose a country to write my thesis about. Which of these has the most interesting history?

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>I am majoring in Latin American Studies at Leiden University

You tell me

I will make you delete that pic from your computer

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Mexico, probably


Mexico is preety interesting

Write about the political rape of South America by the Unites States.

the only thing you've made is make yourself look like a baboon.

novohispania/nueva granada

Peru objectively has the most interesting history


México, according to the great Piero Scaruffi

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You're majoring in Latin American studies so you should know that every cunt in that place is exactly the same and it doesn't matter which one you pick


Tierra Firme

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Well, up until now I think Brazilian Integralism will be my thesis topic but I'm not too sure. Perhaps I can draw the links between the ideas of Plínio Salgado and the current Bolsonaro regime.

Amerilards and their education, looks fun

>mfw I majored in North-American studies and read this post

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it's a tie between Tequilia, Nachia and Burritia - they're all so different!


don't be jelly, Cletus. It's ok to realize you ain't the center of the world

Looks amazing, really interesting to see what you could find, if I could give you a tip bolsonaro loved the military dictatorship we had from 64-81,he used to have pictures of every general that was president at that time. Maybe that could be an extra

bolivian indians


Four identical responses from "different" countries

Peru is pretty dope

based american, putting spics in their place

Peru during the virreinato

>Latin American Studies

If THAT is what you are majoring, you can pick anything but Brazil. Fix that map.

Well, if you want to waste your time doing a paper that is going to be reject because you picked the wrong subject, talk about the 2 times we kick your dutch ass back home.

pero en el mapa sale nuevo reyno de granada o nueva granada

Brazil is not latinx

peru bolivia brazil mexico

>latin america studies

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>write about something that never happened
You've been consuming too much propaganda.

how do you even apply that knowledge about latin america in holland? Are you planning to become a druglord or something?

I want to become a diplomat in South-America. Work in a Dutch embassy there.

kek it's the same guy that makes the threads about how south americans are "rich" and "have butlers and maids"

What kind of job do you expect to get with a degree like that?

or are you planning to join some guerrilla? FARC had quite a few dutch soldiers in its files, you know