Thank you Italy

Thank you Italy

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ur welcome

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i really love the design of this thingy, i think its iconic but
this one is shit though

I could fill that kettle to the brim with my piss right now, mate, I need to drain the lizard something awful.

>being this terrone

that's an Alpini hat
but the Alpini are nothing to be proud of

>the Alpini are nothing to be proud of
why would a kraut of all people say this?

the newer ones are shit, that plastic handle just falls off

I bought a new one recently, the handle doesn't fall off.

I hate italy

seems like a lot of work

lol thought it was a tunisian thing
doesn't look something like euros would have

we are berber

just used it half an hour ago to make a black coffeee with some rose water

>having coffee at 11:30

Thank you Italy

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look at mr. moneyman right here

It was worth it desu

these coffee machine are like italy itself
pretty on the outside but you better not look inside

it's a wise investment

why are Germans such hateful people?

nah, i've looked inside one and they are as simple as AK and reliable af, the one that i have at home is 7 years old but works as new.

I have one of these.
Hrest coffees after some time fine tuning it, and it's totally worth it, a great investment, because coffee beans are very good and dirt cheap.

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I have that one Before that I had a bosch automatic. It was a piece of shit. The grinder motor broke down once every six months, the automatic system got completely fucked up and broke itself after two years. Overengineered piece of shit.

fun fact: Portugal is our best coffee ally in the entire world.

Think we're the only other euro country where if you ask for a coffee you'll get an espresso

something tell me you just made that up

>Best coffee brewers in the world
Brazil (because of Portugal)

I have tasted turkish coffee and it was good, but different from ours.
Hungarian coffee is surprisingly good.
Spanish, French, German et al coffees are vomit inducing.
American coffee is just sugar dissolved in a strange brown water.
Nordic coffee is also repulsive.


yes, it's beautiful.

bretty much this, I like turkish coffee and I was extremely surprised and disappointed by spanish coffee.

>Nordic coffee is also repulsive
Gotta get that caffeine fix man

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not instantly... digo

It was an old model without milk reservoir.

The most aggravating thing with Spain is that they routinely use good portuguese coffee, but then they water it too much and at the same time brew it for too long, burning it.

buy a hungarian moka next time retarded fucking mongol lmao

ok radu

This, I have a Delonghi espresso machine too. Grazie.

Unlike Bosch shite that's all made in China? GTFO your German quality myth is just annoying at this point.

Thank you Italy.

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a man of culture


this is much better

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I remember when this car was sold I found it repulsive, but Now I unironically love it. It was years ahead for design, It is also very comfy inside

Good coffee brands itt

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