Thom Yorke edition

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only if you break board-specific rules, like posting off-topic, being disrespectful of other cultures on Yas Forums for example
only virgins get board specific bans though

ummm.... cringe much?

kpop and anime
any furries in the chat?

karma police
arrest this man his hitler hairdo is making me feel ill

wondering if rorke will show his face after that pathetic performance last thread

genuinely still not over toilfu and it's been 4 weeks now


need to talk to some fit minge out there

best way to get over someone is under someone



absolutely fucking mental how the president of the United States literally and unironically suggested injecting disinfectant

she wouldn't wear this to meet your parents for the first time, would she?

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is anyone up for tugging on my willard because I really really can't be arsed
should be able to pay to have people wank you off like, think there's a big market just waiting to be found there

America is unironically engaged in a debate over whether or not it’s a good idea to inject bleach into people as a virus cure

We are truly the laughingstock of the planet

Yes, I'm saying he could have. He loved all of Britain, he was the prophet of Albion.

just smoked a fag
an i'm not talkin baccy

genuinely still not over toilfu and it's been 4 weeks now


need to talk to some fit minge out there

best way to get over someone is under someone



i'd be scared to do anything but follow him

didn't really though did he

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I'd do it for free

and they'll elect him again lool

mental how kpop stars dye their hair ginger and make themselves paler and shit. just be yourself and stop larping as someone else, unironically.

You would unironically drink it

bunny boiler eyes

what a sorry excuse for a dessert

Do like us

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Just do a tinder slut. Easier than ever right now.

you dont need to space out your posts like that mate
looks a bit desperate for attention

if it's just your dad then yes
if your mum is there then no way, unless she's a proper headcase


rorke sweating now his twitter has been uncovered

leftypol paki genuinely thinks the barry stanton thing is new

desuarchive.org/int/search/text/alri emma/


that porcelain skin fashion east asians have looks terrible too

did trump specifically say injecting bleach was a cure, or was it taken out of context by fags like yourself? i genuinely don't know, haven't been following it

Probably head to the Philippines once things calm down, be nice to get my head straight

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ummm yeah he did

put your phone away bitch and eat your fucking salad

Poisonings all over the US doubled overnight.


bad post
good post haha

>phone on the table
>its an iphone
>with the packaging left on
its a no from me sorry

Didn't ask

rorke surprised people are unable to distinguish his genuine opinions from satire

>random people who i accidentally disadvantaged or inconvenienced in someway. like if i shut a door on someone and almost hurt them, i have no qualms and meant no disrespect to them. ill say like "im sorry, sir. you okay?!" never called my dad or friends or bosses or anything sir. just folk i did wrong somehow and didnt mean too.

kek this is me, cant think of many other times i say sir. i guess i've called some bosses sir because that was the atmosphere of the work place, which feels disgusting.

Leftypol has all the social tact of an elementary schooler with downs.

Did you see her in Narcos Mexico?
She's an honest 10

Saw something online about reading the book off John after asking God to show you Jesus was his only begotten son so I tried it and felt a deep sense of contentment as I was reading and it seemed significant then I got distracted and had a wank thinking about shagging this girl I knew at uni up the bum

might give this a go it looks peng

If the 24 year old female is here I'd love to shag you and give you a baby if we were alone in a room together

can you believe Emma's new car? at 29 years old, this is unacceptable

Inject disinfectant.

leftypol paki outing himself as a newcunt

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america is gone mate
its either trump or dementia joe who will die in office and then you get crooked hilary


sissy hypno porn with a cucumber

fucking intense

came buckets ngl


talking shite if you say you wouldn't shag her

utter shite

He said since disinfectant works so well outside the body, why don't we put it inside and see what that will do. Not inherently a bad idea

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yes actually


oh my days there's actually people trying to defend trumo
couldn't make that shit up lol

what you do with the cucumber afterwards?

leftypol seething because xer gender realignment surgery has been postponed.

This is the President of the world Donald J. Trump and I order every single one of you to drink hand disinfectant

Why does he look like he is about to nod at me respectfully?

Why would you do this? I don't understand

maybe, but i certainly wouldn't gf her and introduce her to my parents

the icelandic poster is the new french poster


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why do people keep painting biden as having dementia? surely even thats an upgrade to whatever is wrong with trump

nah not a fan of tinder

only sub standard females use it

Need an FPS set in Northern Ireland during the troubles.

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why didn't he just get formal wear that actually fit him?

what was his reasoning for this ill-fitting outfit again?

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she still hasn't apologized, starting to think she a cunt. and at 29 years old? unbelievable

her feces and farts are admittedly kino tho

don't know who this corona cunt is but i bet i could kick his ass

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love the beeb me

Fire Cider. People think it cures shit because it blasts your sinuses open. Same effect can be achieved by chugging a red bull and then shorting wasabi

Well you're a substandard male, so it seems ideal.

need a quick rundown on this emma

i have no idea why retards continue to say that where there is a transcript
they were discussing how long the virus lasts in saliva when hit with bleach for cleaning surfaces, and trump was talking about how UV light disinfects surfaces as well and if that could be used

some retard reporter couldn't follow a conversation and asked if they were talking about injecting bleach

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i was here back in 2016 check the archives


don't bother reading this one lads

he's got a really weird body

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nah lad

i self doubt myself a lot on a lot of things


I am a good looking male

Only germanic and slavic genetics produce these buxom lasses. Swarthy, emaciated meds can’t compete.

No not a bad idea, just absolutely retarded. That isn't how viruses even work.

donald rump

I thought Iceland only got the internet in 2018

bag and tag
wouldnt want to have dinner or even talk to her
youd probably have to take her out t times before you even got a peck on the cheek
fuck that

A rockstar game set in early 70s derry would be kino

Put your tits away you shameless harlot

what stupid shit did the fat orange retard tweet today then

oh my- holy shi- what the fu- whaaaaa

yeah, that's what im getting at as well

business idea: yank reality show about 600lb coronavirus survivors but everyone incl the whole production crew is 600lbs so every episode is just a load of extremely fat people trying their best and losing consciousness in the process

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Mad that the Republican Party was only founded for antislavery reasons

he said you should see a therapist about your TDS
mentioned you specifically

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why do we disinfect our hands then?

something tells me she will be much more ruthless than kim was assuming hes dead

He's fat as shit and unironically wears shoe lifts



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resident delboy dog fart


>bag and tag
>wouldnt want to have dinner or even talk to her
>youd probably have to take her out t times before you even got a peck on the cheek
>fuck that

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what kind of stuff do they talk about

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my father works for he internet so we had internet early

hahahaha wut. tell me about your dad mate

>fuck niggers amirite

Applies in both directions

wish these faggots would get a shred of self awareness.

you trump tards are so far gone that even if hes fucking your wife and killing your kids youd still make excuses for him

media shitty

face like a slapped arse

unironically depends on how she perceives you

if she sees you as an exciting lad with personality then she'll just shag you

if you're a boring but nice lad who she's unsure about then yeah, wine and dine various amount of times while shes shagging about.

i might throw an anti-slavery party at my house for old times sake

because it live on the surface of our hands. When you are infected it reproduces inside your cells.

Ok will do right after I finish up injecting my veins with bleach like he said

get the poo off

why would your dad not want you to go out with a sexy girl?

Trump didn't mention bleach. That was a journalist trying to get Trump to say everyone should drink bleach so he could could score big Orange Man Bad points. Then the media just jumped on that and spread it as if Trump had said it. And some Trump supporters presumably heard that and started chugging bleach like the utter spanners they are.

But apparently Trump did ask a medical man if the stuff that kills the virus on your hands could be used internally. And when everyone started mocking him for it he pretended he'd been joking all along, to bait the media or something.

He really is a Yas Forums tier madlad sometimes.

americans inject themselves with ketamine

Was he joking? Need a link

so do brits

Nothing fits Donald because he's morbidly obese and wears several inches of shoe lift

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need pics from her insta pronto we still got a guy who follows her?

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