ITT : First thing that comes in mind when you see this flag

ITT : First thing that comes in mind when you see this flag.

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pédophile de merde

Black surrender


Angry twinks



Incest and plenty of black people

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this guy and Les Miserables

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I went to france and i think this woman flirted with me but im an autist so i can't tell for sure


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Why are they so fucking pissed of and rude all the time? As if the rest of the world had mistreated you or something

black people

The final bastion of Europe against the Anglo scourge.

arrogant princesses

angry posh people

A quarter from my city named after some french knights who came here to fight against the moors

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If that's the first thing you think of then sorry, but you have autism


it's called a chocolatine.

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Kepi for some reason

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celery carrots and onions

Evropa, home

>french cuisine

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Also Based

I luv u 2, bb

I just like my city

Smelly fags

Cute-intelligent-dark hair-traditional-light eyed goddesses!!

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Do you hold your screen sideways?

>it's called a chocolatine.
No it's not you stupid anglo.

This is a chokladbröd.

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was she spraying with pepper spray?
some people don't get it because of cultural differences, but in france, that mean "fuck off, you weirdo"