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The fallen one edition

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Where do you see yourself in 10 years, /v4/?

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Fuck trami


your mum


Have some decency, you filthy Czech. He died.

stfu shigger nigger

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We can only hope.

I actually liked Trami. He is my friend.
otti posting > sloni posting

I don't think I'd survive this if it wasn't for Tomaš giving me the latest hot take on exchange office scammers and the price of goulash in Prague. Bless.

doing a trami at present

Trami died for your sins

what sins? I have not sinned

>Fred The Godson succumbed to corona
A true loss for the musical world. Rest in peace.

In the mirror.

Blessing the thread.

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Just drank a fruit juice made from the cacao plant (?). It was pretty good.

in a nice little house with my cute czech gf with cute little feet and cute little arms and cute little nose and we are happy watching our cute little daughter playing in the cute little yard

haha yeah but seriusly... in my mother's basement

meant for

Can I gf your daughter

no she is only 4 years old

Ok I‘ll wait 10 years

Incels Sans Frontier

*11 years
also no if you are fat

It‘s okay I can lose weight over 10 years

Discrimination against fat people in this subreddit needs to end.

No, it needs to ramp up.

All good posters here are fat. You're alienating the heart of this general.

fat people should be thrown into pools of acid and boiled until their lard melts off their flesh
then, this fat will be used to fill gas tanks of trucks used to bring in more for the rendering vats

this. fuck fat people

Good night sunshines :)

Slovaks in this general are becoming violent. They used to be nice.

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