Be brit

>be brit
>get hit

>be French
>get fried

>be from Spain
>feel the pain

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>be mutt
>get shutt

>Be French
>Krauts go around the trench

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>be dutch
>ain't muchq

>be american
>get shot at the police officer for not saluting the flag and then tipping them

>be china
>get corona

>be portuguese
>be poor I guess?

>German "humor"

>be dane
>get hit in the brain

>be swede
>get shot in organs that you need

>be Finn

>be canuck
>get hurt like fuck

>be leaf
>smell queef

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laughed more than I should have


>be white
>lose fight


>be from colombia
>get diarreah

>be thai
>become ladyboi

>be portuguese
>fuck n*Rdic women with ease

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>be German
>kill the vermin

>be yank
>get spanked

>Be Brit
>Be my gf

Be American
Yes we can

>be hungary
>be hungry

>be american
>get hit by hurricane

>be portuguese
>stacies are easy to please

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stop cringelord. don't shill for my country. shill for yours.

>be indian

>just fucking be indian

>be brit
>eat shit

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>be martsharter
>praise israel harder

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Österreicher humor

>be american
>get shot

>be portugeuse
>not a spanish sleaze

>be Belarusian
>speak Russian

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>Shart in the Mart
>Attack of the heart
Shit effort, Art.

>be nigger
>cock is bigger

>be white
>pussy is tight

nice poem

>be bane
>crash this plane

>be masketta man
>have a master plan