Do you love Japan???

Yes, I love everything about Japan. Japan got the greatest movies, culture, vidya and women
Tfw no Japanese gf

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Kys, Sutreanon

Norway loves Japan!

I hate Japan.

Shut up, Sutreanon


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Is it true that Japanese people like to drink alcohol?

Built for BWC.

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Yes, the streets are filled with beautiful women everywhere you look.

sexpats lmao

Not much these days

too bad she has a 70 yo chain smoker baba voice

Haven't been there, but from what I've read it sounds like a pretty decent place to live. Wouldn't mind moving there for a while, as long as I have the option to move back if their work culture doesn't suit me... Would have to live out in the countryside, or at least have a second home out there.
Working from 6-18 every day, then drinking with co-workers would drive me insane, and having to get to work before the boss, and stay after him even when you've done everything for the day just sounds dumb.

I agree with you, but yes the work culture in Japan is just insane and too much

better than being run over by muslims.

Yes, it is very much insane.
Here you can pretty much just leave if you've done all the office work for the day, especially in the private sector. Or just spend the rest of the day at home or wherever answering emails from your phone.

what? what has work culture to do with being run over by muslims.

That is Sweden
And unlike Brazil I won't have to drive trough a favela to get to the airport.

Muh Japan. Fuck off incels.

post moar pics!

>France in general
Imagine France used to be white

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>hates immigrants
>plans on becoming one

White nigger.

this, fucking weebs are delusional

>Temporary work visa
You're the nigger here

>I'm gonna get a work visa so i can have sex with jap girls, muh fuggin dick! Jap girls love white men! If i'm lucky ill marry and breed a jap girl so i can live there permanently

hilarious thread

that's very based if you ask me

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>Implying everyone one here would want to become a """naturalized""" Japanese citizen considering the Japanese are very race aware and would never see you as a true Japanese even if you learned the language, customs and became a Japanese in everything but blood/DNA
Sure, whatever you say

never said you wanted to become naturalized, you just want to fug muh jap girls, hence by the fact you mentioned women and gf in OP and even posted a pic of some insta whore

I'm not the faggot op...
Why would I make a thread about being a Japan obsessed incel who loves EVERYTHING about Japan, then make a post criticizing a vital part of Japanese work culture, saying it would drive me insane?

sorry, i assumed you were the delusional OP

It's okay, we can all get a little retarded in these days of isolation and out of wack circadian rhythms.