Do Europeans not drink straight up milk? I drink at least 2 glasses a day...

Do Europeans not drink straight up milk? I drink at least 2 glasses a day. My classmate is Austrian and says people in Europe only buy milk to drink with coffee/tea or for children.

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i drink 3 glasses, 2 of them straight and one with my daily cuppa

I use it for Müsli

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Why would you drink milk, you're not a kid? It's literally food for kids. Plus some people develop lactose intolerance over time.
Drink yoghurt it's healthy and nice.

I drink 1.25 liters, unpasteurized, from my own dairy cow.

Umm... I mean I like milk, but drinking it alone is just not tasty, unless it's hot
I'd rather use milk to make something than drink it alone, but I sometimes do, when there is nothing else

Lactose intolerance cope. Milk is healthy and filling and delicious.

Same here in Brazil, almost nobody drinks it pure,we mix with chocolate, other foods and coffee. Only americunts think it's nice to drink it like that

Finland has the biggest milk mafia in the world. I mainly use it for coffee tho

Hot milk is gross, a glass of milk with vanilla extract is delicious

>to drink with coffee/tea or for children.
yeah pretty much or make pastries

I used to drink one glass every night until probably 18 or 19
haven't since but I supposed I probably get half a glass's equivalent through tea a day

Why do you guys like to larp about muh European Gene's I can drink milk but then you dont drink milk

I just recently started drinking 1 to 3 cups of milk a day because of the protein. But I still prefer my coffee black.

lactose is not just in milk, but in all dairy products which we consume a lot

Guess it is an American thing, here everyone has a glass of milk with dinner

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it leaves a weird aftertaste in my mouth I don't really like to drink milk like that but I add some to coffee

What is that?!

Yogurt, ice cream, and cheese actually have very little lactose. My Korean friend will puke after a cup of milk but eats cheese all the time.

the milk mafia here has indoctrinated most people into drinking loads


>I drink at least 2 glasses a day.
Vile. What kind of adult drinks baby calf fluid straight ? That's very weird.

God, I can't even imagine how you guys think that's good. Now I understand why you like to buy gallons of milk

? People have been drinking it for thousands of years as an easy quick filling source of energy. Mongols mainly just drink milk and meat. Just because you have pussy chink Gene's that dont let you drink milk doesnt mean it's a jew conspiracy.

Milk makes my lips feel dry

do you guys not have a glass of milk with some cookies or brownies or you cant sleep? Wtf?

I love milk, drink it every day to help our milk farmers

>He drinks moocum

Based and redpilled
Sorry your arab genes make you lactose intolerant

I drink a glass of milk every morning for breakfast

It's placebo. Just like having scrambled eggs with bacon for breakfast. Or orange juice in the morning. It's just cliche, but it makes sense in our heads, because it works like propaganda, we've seen it countless times

of course we do, milk is mandatory at breakfast and supper (if you're not enjoying a stimulant instead)

That escalated quickly

T other

Soy milk has unironically a nice taste

>I drink at least 2 glasses a day.
Why? Are you a child?