Should Mexafrica be a new country?

Should Mexafrica be a new country?

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>united states

Mexs and Afros are enemies

Just rename Brazil ;)

No, but West Ireland, Florida, and the "United States" between the Germans and Africans should be three separate new countries.

Fuck those mayates. We'll send them to brazil with all their black pardo brothas. North America will be a mestizo ethnostate.

British Coloumbia -english
Alberta- English
Saskatchewan,- German
Manitoba - English
Quebec- french
New Brunswick - french
Prince Edward island- Scottish
Nova Scotia - Scottish
Newfoundland- English

What happend in america

LBJ and the Kennedy family.

This is why you suck compared to us. It's why you have no google, no apple, no microsoft, no amazon, no dell, no marvel dc. You had the same uncreative people and it made you stagnant and boring. Sucks for you.

While Canadian corporations may never reach the market capitalization of American firms and while the tsx is nowhere near the level of the NYSE. We are still a nation 1/10 the size of you and enjoy are far better quality of life

>why yes, I do support the creation of the Greater Midwestern Reich

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I did not know there were majority Irish descendant states. I will begin seeking asylum immediately.

whats up with florida, tennesse and that other state above tennesee

What goes on in Oklahoma? Are natives nice people? I desperately want to befriend an American Indian guy, but Americans here only complain that they're constantly drunk and/or petrol sniffing

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I believe it is referring to Europeans who settled there in the colonial days. We have the same section in Canada for Canadian whereas our natives are referred to on our census as first Nations. Australia does this as well but with Australian and indigenous.

Tiger King


Why do foreigners think th South East and South West are anything alike? It's more likely that the West will break off into it's own country over the next 100 years. Also Mexicans would flat out start lynching Africans if you gave the two their own nation with one another with no White moderating power checks. There's already an issue with Mexicans literally firebombing blacks to keep them out of their neighborhoods in California.

We do not have much natives that look like that anymore.
We mostly have pueblids & sonorids.

If you want to meet natives that look like the one in your pic you need to go with the siouan & Iroquois tribes from canada.

>There's already an issue with Mexicans literally firebombing blacks to keep them out of their neighborhoods in California.
why do whites say this? that only happened once

>that only happened once
They only had to do it once because it worked. ;^)

I'm not White and it wasn't a one time thing. Gangs did it repeatedly. It did work though. Blacks stopped trying to move in. Most Chicanos still dislike black people, call them monkies and that kind of shit. East LA has remained predominantly Hispanic with the smallest African population in Los Angeled after the Hollywood Hills. All you really got there is some Asians and White hipsters mixed in the further up the 110 you travel.

t. LA pro

Interesting. I always imagined them looking like these "Silvids". Do you know natives personally?
The guy in my pic is actually a German actor lmao

>German actor lmao

post proof then

also east la is hardly black because blacks do not wish to move there

black people either live among their own or live near white people. they don't like nonwhites

My and my sister are considered 70% "Native American" by those joke 23 and me tests. Silvids actually mixed with some other groups of Natives. A lot of North Mexican natives are genetically Silvid now because they got so heavily mixed over centuries. A big chunk of my family are Tepehuan natives from Northern Mexico and we look like the stereotypical Silvid plains indians with the big nose and kinda square boney face.

Great grandpa worked for the Air Force out in the deserts of Arizona back in the 70s and was able to converse in Tepehuan with the local Tohona natives that did electrical work for the base so the languages are pretty close too.

He said they were only about as different as Castilian and Catalan are from one another.

>I always imagined them looking like these "Silvids".
Nope the americas were diverse in phenotypes in pre columbian times

>Do you know natives personally?
I have met two natives both pacifid types

>The guy in my pic is actually a German actor lmao
I know but he is supposed to represent a silvid type native.

t. mostly sonorid mestizo of mexican descent with silvid great grandfather

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cringe and cope

>A lot of North Mexican natives are
north mexicans have silvid admixture bu5 they are not silvid, they are mostly pueblid and sonorid

Woops, and here I thought that was a picture of Steven Seagal

Those natives in movies are meant to represent silvid type natives