ice cold pop edition

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the north are fed rustlers burgers, the south tesco meal deals, midlands starve

a cat! a cat to /brit/!

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yanks don't even rot when they die, they just pollute the earth with their chemical filled corpses

sometimes a mans gotta do what a mans gotta poo

Banquet meal and a pepsi please

have just been hatted and called unfunny in the span of a minute

think the live action should include a scene of her raping a servant and that servant is played by me

mistress t joi stepmum stepsister sph

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Same tbqh

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did you know coyotes refuse to eat dead yanks?

that's literally what herd immunity is you fucking muppet

Literally can not be done.

Favourite Radiohead song?

heheh "ni-"

Saw the oneitis appear in people you may know on fb and it's ruined my day
Almost forgot what she looked like

nah herd immunity is when you inject yourself with cowpox blisters
jenner and that innit


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too hard that

gang rape /s

EDIT: thanks for the gold reddit! love you too /brit/!

I can get 648

the 'ssants

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feeling swarve

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rachel riley is peng but unfortunately she's an odious kike

Thanks for reminding me mate, now I know what I'm gonna do a tug to tonight!

Karma Police. The only one I know

only recently found out what /s means and it's a bit horrifying
people on reddit can't easily identify sarcasm so you instead have to sign off your posts with /s to mark it as being sarcastic and not to be taken seriously, lest you risk being downvoted
fucking horrowshow of a site it really is

creep or karma police

i can confirm this. visited my grandpa recently and sat in the living room with him for 3 hours watching the game. turned out he was dead. coroner said date of death was july 2016. a mind blow

Fucking fat pig. Bet you're gonna eat them all to yourself

toilfu followed me on insta and then hasn't even viewed any of my stories

sucking a titty


that sounds like fun /s

sound of the summer

>your mum is bald and bankrupt
we gonna let him get away with that?

that means she viewed your profile mate
good going

there was one she did with a chinky looking girl who was the stepsister but i can't find it anywhere

you can tell if people watch?

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never knew about this

don't care about rachel riley's religion or race or whatever the fuck being jewish is
she is a filthy man u fan though and that is just not on

big fan of her chebs though

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great site /s /s

*folk on reddit *unwitherweeningly *winge when you don't *brook *head *characters or full stops


alright, little baby haha

How has /brit/ managed to remain free of weebs and anime? It's honestly the best general on this board for that reason alone.

grrrrrr lol

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yeah bro

oh yeah sarcasm in text is really easy to get across to other people!



britfolk are overstepping their bounds more and more every day

wen I first started usin Yas Forums i still typed lik this

anime is not really much of a *thing* here
it's like genuine freak territory, like even your average nerd freak goes nowhere near the stuff

what do people do for fun in iceland?

good luck I guess

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redpill me on 1688

no it isn't

how big is this creature.. is this a wolverine? a wombat? a badger? how big

back to r e d d i t

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She probably has before, doubt she has recently
She ghosted me after a fling and I think about her at least once a day


because /brit/ is a safe haven for the intellectual

can't think of anything 2bh

How many folds did you make?


>Events from the year 1688 in England. This was the year of the Glorious Revolution that overthrew King James II.

Reminder that based Wenzel was born in the UK and is the true heir to the throne, tfe we will wee a usurpation in our lifetime

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Cue lights! I am singing to my lover at night
Scene Two: Everyone who comes must go
Scene Four: Blacker than ever before
Scene Six: This country is making me sick

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the goal cut once the barbershops open up

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tremendous. truly the biggest there is. it's beautiful and big.

we propose a new machine

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getting a really itchy rash in my manboob folds
boris' lockdown did this

when i was little i picked a hole in my nasal septum
now my doctor thinks im a druggy

the Dominion of New England was a weird blip in colonial history where the royal government tried to consolidate the colonial charters
it failed but it diminished the power of the Puritan theocracy which never regained its former control over Boston and the Massachusetts Bay Colony, then the royal government essentially ignored the colonies again until the Seven Years War/French Indian War
Brits don't seem to quite understand how independently most of the colonies were settled and ran for quite a long time and the pre-revolutionary period was the first time in a while Parliament tried to meddle in the colonial affairs

And France is apparently the biggest weeb country in Europe or even the world. Makes you think.

throwback to sturgeon in her prime

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hunging my ass on kratom lads. the walls are breathing

fat cunt

need lockdown to end by summer

the dutch takeover of britain

Is the Kim man deadorino then?

Always a mongy little goblin bint

can't help but think of that screencap every time i see her face now

yeah but they have a japanese district filled with pengers

honestly think this is the most depressing country to live in on earth for many reasons

guy at toil is an unashamed furry

wears a partial fursuit to the office and puts things like "rawr :3" in his emails.

it's genuinely pretty alpha how much he just does not give a fuck.

imagine her on all fours whimpering like an injured puppy as you shove your meat rocket up her pooper

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you want the "answer", or the answer?

nah what about moldova or something like that

He was the hero Britain needed, but not the one they deserved. And they rejected their messiah like the Jews rejected Jesus.

any big willy virgins in

those african blokes eating mozzie paddies don't have to as bad as the average commie block briton

thats autism power

trying to picture the absolute weapon that chortled to himself uncontrollably as he created this
i hate rochdale's own amer hussein as much as anyone else but this is cringe

it just isn't though

unrestrained mental illness isn't "alpha" you fucking creep.

Oswald Mosley being shown the pavement in Gorton, Manchester.

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t. someone who has never travelled and lives in a city

>literally every manufactured pop song throughout the post-war boomer period prior to the punk rock revolution of the late 70s was written by some ingrained jew

don't even want to hate them 2bh but fucking hell like...

>partial fursuit
could you elaborate on this. what does he wear?


fun fact: i made this edition in 7 seconds as i realized i had the chance to make the first. i typed the first thing that came to mind as quick as i could and uploaded the first image that came up after clicking the "browse..." button. merely a coincidence that the op image and the text were related to fine dining


that applies to you too, emmett

i'm half way there

this is why I love britain sometimes

is this wolverhampton

Travel more you little ingrate rodent. To be born an Englishman is to win the lottery of life.

psytrance: on
ketamine: on the table

and what do you hope to achieve by lying about this?


girls literally gagging for you cock

Small phimo willy semi virgin here

which one of you is this

mosley being pelted with rocks when he dared to bring his hate to liverpool

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mentally ill innit

how small?

xans havent arrived
starting to get anxious

/britfeel/ is shite but they do churn out some OC

their OP images are nice

the turtle neck of foreskin

how mentally ill?

He built the biggest political movement in a generation. And that's significant for a country with little tradition in mass movements.

do you think women would have more sympathy for us if there was some kind of official study done to reveal the true extent of virgin men to virgin women

love seeing this posh twat get btfo by the working class

Gorton eh?

>52.4% of its residents were “White”; this is the lowest for any constituency in the North West, and the 8th lowest for constituencies across the UK outside London (Slough, Leicester South and Leicester East, Bradford West, Birmingham Perry Bar, Ladywood and Hall Green all had lower “White” ratios.

>Among Gorton’s non-white residents, there are relatively high ratios for Black/African/Caribbean etc. and, particularly, Pakistani ethnic backgrounds. At the time of the Census 18.6% of Gorton’s residents were Asian: Pakistani, compared to 1.9% England and Wales average.

>29% of Gorton residents at the time of the 2011 Census described their religion as “Muslim”; 11th highest for constituencies in England and Wales.

Bet they regretted that lmao

what the fuck

severely ahah
the alcohol doesn't help

around 4.5 inch not bone pushed

here's a political movement for you
*takes a massive shit*

He was too good, too pure for the British people. You didn't deserve him and that's why you hated him.

stirring last night's haggis

>dude just go out and talk to people

no. women couldn't care less about sub 7s.

what mental illness? might be able to pass as non-mentally ill with some illnesses

sue lad when he met sue

Why did Are Harry betray his royalty in pursuit of being a mere Hollywood celebrity chasing shekels

only if you're a poor cunt

he was a cringe larper wehraboo

remember this kek

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but think of all the exotic takeaways they have

Yes just listen to this raving hatred....


he has a homemade modified jumpsuit thats similar to this but without the hood and the tail

to be honest i thought the same but he's actually very confident with public speaking and is very talented at what he does so management let him get away with his erratic behaviour

compare that to someone like myself who toes the company line on everything for fear of getting sacked

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NHS hospitals are human abbotoirs on par with Auswitz or the gulag archipelago. Literal crimes against humanity.