Why are they always trying to take over the world?

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Apinoid rage

lies and slander
we haven't tried taking over the world for 70 years now

>not wanting a German daddy who will enslave you and breed you passionately and makes you swallow his seed

Most germans don't fit your fantasies, soft, sjw and cuck is the average german male of 2020

so like amerimutts?

Americans are more germanic than germans, germans have slavic & alpinind admixture

Yes, unfortunately.

So do we. We have like 10 million poles

Im pure germanic.
You are slavic rapebaby, im pure germanic mastee race. kys

don't sexualize me. I am a real person with thoughts and feelings, not your fetish object

German descendants here do not mix with pol*sh scum

are American flags baiting 24/7 or are they really like this?

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As Kissinger said, too big for Europe, too small for the world.

they're just retarded

effeminate slavic rapebaby cuck. off yourself already

If they didn't Chad Michael Murray wouldn't exist. There are lots of British/Pole and German/Pole mutts in the media. Italians mostly mixed with the Irish. While Germs and Brits mixed with Northeast Slavs, as they fit in unnoticed in their communities.

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Im pure germanic. ZERO untermensch pol*sh blood in me

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Seriously how do German men make love? Do they whisper dirty stuff while they fuck? Do they like to fuck slowly and passionately or hard and roughly? I need to know

Why are indians like this?

Modern "german" also has mongolo*d blood

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It's weird that mutts have this weird fetish for germans. In europe no one considers them good looking

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pic related is average modern german "man"
holy kek

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Wtf is a germ anyways? Are you prussian? Turk? a*nglo? dutch? Wtf are your really anything but a squatting mutt one that continent.

Your "g*rmanic" diaspora in noth america aint nothing but temporary israeli tax payers getting replaced by south americans. You grandpops were forced to speak english and now you"ll speak mexican and stuff your face with tacos..."master race" faggot.

Pic related average german american

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Pure evil

D-daddy uwu


That's why we should've been a bit more ambitious with colonization. A South African or South American state where Germans and natives live together in harmony with a high living standard......uuuugh, what could have been.

Jeffrey Steininger is the average German American

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those are mutts.
>Wtf is a germ anyways?

look at what the poo in loo memes have broken this faggot, Yas Forums
im gonna stop visiting this site from now on

the EU is a Franco-German empire, and it's grip is even more hegemonic than during the third Reich. The EU should be called the fourth Reich, that's what it actually is.

Oh mein Gott...

t. got his political education from PragerU and Stefan Molyneux

What are you talking about user. EU is a project for peace and prosperity in Europe, and Germany is one member among many

Come home German American man

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Indian Shahar please

>die kartoflen face

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Leave, seething poocel :^)

Germany financially subjugates the member states and forces austerity and neoliberalism upon them when Keynesian policies would be more helpful for developing their economies, Greece is the most egregious example but it's a tendency that's been there since at least the 80's, originally set upon the Mitterrand government in France.

It's just some of us, we have quite a few posters who take being german or anglo too seriously. Idunno what it is about being your ancesty that makes some of our americans act retarded. Though some of them may actually be browns and nigs larping

I'm a Keynesian you dolt

Why German Americans looks like inbreds ands autists? We have them in Brazil and they don't look retarded like that

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Say what you want but white americans are always welcome here. I'd much, much rather have them instead of mullah ragheads.

Post bp if you are not larping


Damn right, that "master race" better plight. His "homecountry" is getting overrun best try his parasitic ass in the americas.

>getting replaced by south americans.
Spics are manlets with high transgenderism rates, our women will not mix with them. Our race will remain pure here in america.

Why poles seethe so much against Germany?

Wrong. We are the good guys now

he cute

>Damn right, that "master race" better plight. His "homecountry" is getting overrun best try his parasitic ass in the americas.

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Lol no, your ordoliberalism and outward projection of collaboration and soft power is even more insidious than American imperialism or even fascism.