Not so fast China

Not so fast China

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delusional bong

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You wouldn't understand, it's an Anglo thing

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"eh, pssst,
do you kid want to try opium? don't worry, it's safe"

Australia and New Zealand are cucking left and right to China nowadays. They might as well be Chinese satellite states. Canada too even.

They need to be guided back to the righteous path then

Canada is firmly in the US influence with NAFTA
Australia and NZ trade mostly with China and the US and barely with the UK
half of UK's trade is with EU countries
yet bongs think Brexit was a good idea and they're gonna do some CANZUK empire revival
crazy how delusional you can be

It's all about power and money. Britain has none compared to China. Us Yanks are under ZOG and our companies kowtow to China for the billion person market and cheap labor. The Coronavirus is starting to shake things up, but they'll just transfer all the manufacturing to Indochina instead. Moving it back here is the last thing they'll do.

i really hate this weird delusion about canada, the UK, australia and NZ forming some sort of superpower.

If british jingoism focussed more on making the UK a nice place to live rather than n masturbating at the fact that sme other countries share elements of a flag with us, things would be better

The German can only think in terms of money...

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Exactly, this
I'd awlays love the Germans realist view and analytics

I thought that's what it was all about?

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australia ruled out freedom of movement with the UK i think

For canada:
"Rather than agreeing to maintain the terms of its Ceta free trade agreement (FTA) with the EU, as he had hoped, he said Ottawa was looking to gain advantage from temporary tariff rates published by the UK government which would grant tariff-free access to 87 per cent of imports in the case of a no-deal Brexit without requiring similar arrangements for British exports."
^ but i dont know if this is still valid anymore (from July 2019)

m8 Canada is #18 trade partner of the UK, even if you get a FTA with Canada (which would mean you have to agree to US standards because of NAFTA) you think that's gonna magically change everything? Especially when the EU and Canada had a trade agreement anyway?

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no one cares, there's more to life than trading shit go mull on your own dying trade bloc obsessed cunt

im actually agreeing with you against op.
australia isnt interested in freedom of movement

canada int showing any loyalty and is basically poised to take advantage of us

>make thread about ebin country union
>propagate your delusional pipe dreams
>get angry when confronted with facts
oh yeah I kinda misread your post

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>canzuk isnt based on trading

kek whats the point at all then?

cucking people?

literally who gets cucked by canada and uk not trading much

some Iceland fairies

very sensible

Of course the krautroachistani displays his obsession in a thread like this. Fuck off cunt, you are merely our transactional partners and nothing else.

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I bet your mum would be very sensible when i'll fuck her all the night


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we arent even transactional partners with our beloved commonwealth

And while you do that, I'll be fucking you, Yas Forums-browsing qt French user

I'm ok with that

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tired of seeing your shitstain flag with an inevitably butthurt post next to it
we have strong cultural, political, legal and military ties to every canzuk nation. BA suffield, BAE and ABCANZ. yes trade now is not particularly high volume between the four but things change. before the EEC the UK sourced most of its produce from new zealand for example

>we have strong cultural, political, legal and military ties to every canzuk nation
Cross out cultural, desu. Australia is merely another resource colony and military expansion to you (UK and US) parasites.

kek I was merely posting the realities of international trade and you start insulting me
and then you call me butthurt and obsessed